Truck AccidentsWhat to Do if You’ve Fallen Victim to a 18 Wheeler Accident

June 23, 2021

Texas enjoys a booming trucking industry. With one of the fastest growing populations in the U.S. and key points like the Port of Houston, it’s an industry that’s steadily growing and expanding. With that growth, however, is a risk these entities pose for other drivers and the need for 18 wheeler accident lawyers.


Are You The Victim Of A Trucking Accident?


Truck drivers are typically paid by the mile, meaning the more they drive and the faster they deliver, the more money they make. It’s a situation that poses a lot of risk from long hours and rushed, unsafe activities that potentially put motorists and pedestrians in harm’s way of an accident. If you’re the victim of a trucking accident, look over these steps on what to do after your accident.

Do You Know The Steps To Take After An 18 Wheeler Accident?


Accidents of any kind can be traumatic. Add the magnitude of damage and injury such a large truck can do and the fact that it’s most likely a commercial vehicle, and it can be completely overwhelming to think of all the things you need to do immediately after the accident. Be sure to follow these three steps:


1. Seek Medical Attention


Your immediate priority is to seek any necessary medical examination and treatment. This is for your health and well-being as much as it is to collect evidence for future compensation should you suffer a delayed injury in the days or weeks following the accident.


2. Preserve As Much Evidence From The Scene As Possible


Generally speaking, the scene of the accident will hold a plethora of evidence crucial to your future legal actions for serious injury and wrongful deaths, including:

• Property damages

• Skid marks

• Accident debris

• On-board computer data


Your second post-accident action is to preserve as much of this evidence as possible. In most cases, the investigating officer collects such info and evidences for a detailed report. However, the specific amount of detail is contingent on the officer’s mindset and skills, and he/she may not be as thorough in accidents not deemed “devastating.” If possible, take your own photos to document the entire scene and any noteworthy surroundings.


If you’re unsure what evidence to collect or oversee is being collected by authorities, then immediately call your Houston trucking accident lawyer. We will send out a quick response investigator team to immediately get to work combating the trucking company’s corporate lawyers, insurers, and private investigation team who may likely also be on-scene within hours.


Your 18 Wheeler Accident Injury Lawyer Will Continue To Work To Preserve Your Rights After Your Accident, Including:


• Gathering official paperwork and reports.

• Ensuring the truck and your vehicle are preserved and inspected.

• Investigating the truck’s compliance with state, federal and company regulations.

• Preserving critical accident scene data and photographic evidence.

• Seeking accident findings from authorities.


All of the above will be critical points for any legal case to follow. Defense attorneys, for example, typically hire an accident reconstruction expert to shift the blame from the company’s driver to you, the victim. Having photographic evidence can moot this defense tactic and greatly improve the outcome of your 18 wheeler accident settlements in Texas case.


3. Call Your Houston Trucking Accident Lawyer

If you haven’t already called your 18 wheeler accident attorney because of severe injury or a fatality in the wreck, do it now. Time is of the essence when it comes to collecting the evidence to protect your rights. Only use experienced semi truck accident lawyers who specializes in trucking accidents in your area. Call us today for your free case assessment to help you determine if you have a good case for compensation.


We offer decades of experience in the truck accident injury lawyer field and an unrivaled track record in winning 18 wheeler accident settlements in Texas. We take a personal approach to serving our clients to ensure the very best representation possible, which means we limit the number of cases we take so we can focus on quality, not quantity, of outcomes.


What Types Of Compensation Can 18 Wheeler Accident Victims Seek?


The compensation rights for victims of commercial trucking accidents vary from state to state. In Texas, your 18 wheeler accident attorney can seek legal damages on your behalf for the following areas:


• Past and future medical expenses (within reason)

• Past and future pain and anguish – physical and mental

• Physical and mental impairment

Wrongful death survivor damages

• Past lost wages and/or future lost earning potential

• Punitive or exemplary damages




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