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Houston AAA Cooper accidents are an unfortunate reality. Based in Dothan, AL, the company services the transportation needs of businesses across the United States. Per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in April 2021, the company has 2,899 vehicles operated by 2,869 drivers.

Moreover, over the last 2 years, AAA Cooper Transportation vehicles have been in 193 crashes. These caused 61 injuries and 1 fatality over the last 2 years. 

Texas Leads the Nation in Truck Accidents

In 2017, large trucks accounted for 150,000+ collisions. Among these, the collisions resulted in over 75,000 injuries and over 4,500 fatalities. On a state-by-state basis, Texas had the most accidents. 

With millions of commercial vehicles on Texas roads that weigh over 10,000 pounds, truck accidents are a public health concern. These large trucks make up less than 5% of the vehicles on our roadways. However, about 11% of yearly fatal truck accidents involve these large commercial vehicles. 

Compared to other motor vehicle collisions, truck accidents are vastly more devastating. It is crucial that trucking companies take their role in these incidents seriously. As Houston truck accident attorneys, we help victims hold negligent drivers and truck companies accountable. 

For people who sustain injuries in Houston AAA Cooper accidents, we provide aggressive representation. 

Types of Truck Accidents We Investigate

At AP Law Group, we investigate a broad spectrum of truck accidents. While Houston AAA Cooper truck accidents commonly include big rigs, we are advocates for all victims. Because truck collisions are so deadly and life-altering, we fight for injured Texans in a variety of cases. 

  • Commercial vehicle collisions 
  • Jackknife accidents 
  • Box truck collisions
  • Tow truck crashes 
  • Garbage truck collisions
  • Flatbed truck accidents 

Catastrophic Injuries and Houston AAA Cooper Accidents

For drivers in Houston, AAA Cooper accidents pose a deadly threat. The sheer size and weight of 18-wheelers set them apart from any other motor vehicle. Whenever a truck accident occurs, it does serious damage to whoever and whatever the vehicle hits. 

Due to this, truck accident injuries are far more severe than other types of motor vehicle accidents. At AP Law Group, our Houston 18-wheeler truck accident attorneys fight for top compensation for Houston drivers who suffer due to the negligence of another. 

  • Burn injuries 
  • Traumatic brain injuries 
  • Wrongful death 
  • Blunt force trauma
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Paralysis

From cuts and broken limbs to brain injuries and even wrongful death, our attorneys understand the pain these accidents inflict. When you or a loved one sustains an injury in a truck accident, we want to help. Together, we have the power to hold the liable accountable. 

Houston AAA Cooper Accidents - Truck Accident FAQ

Why do truck accidents happen?

Truck accidents occur for an array of reasons. With pay-by-mile incentives, drivers strive to meet tight deadlines and work as much as possible. When drivers learn to operate these massive vehicles, schools teach them to be as efficient as possible. Oftentimes, this translates to minimal sleep schedules and infrequent breaks. 

All of this is an attempt to make a better living. However, new drivers don’t always know how to load their own vehicles. This makes their balance and weight distribution dependent on the skill of those the provider hires to load the trailer. 

Why Truck Accidents Happen

Typically, freight providers minimize the involvement of drivers in their processes. This leaves drivers to haul for longer stretches. Moreover, it leads to a growing resentment for rests and resets mandated by federal regulations. To balance this, truck drivers maximize their hours of service and push it to the limit. 

Altogether, this establishes an industry full of exhausted and overworked truck drivers. Additionally, their difficulty in earning a living leads to frustration out on the road. When Houston AAA Cooper accidents occur, that’s the average driver paying the cost of their exhaustion. 

For instance, experts believe that 1 out of 8 crashes results from fatigue. Because drivers don’t voluntarily report fatigue, this number is likely much higher. 

Who is responsible for truck accidents?

Responsibility and liability vary from accident to accident. Oftentimes, drivers in truck accidents are direct employees of a shipping or trucking company. In these cases, the company is financially and legally liable for your injuries.

However, there are many independent truck drivers out on the road as well. These “self-employed contractors” technically do not work for a specific company. In the United States, companies often use this as a tactic to avoid liability. For instance, Amazon’s logistics department utilizes a similar tactic across their distribution network. 

Still, as Houston truck accident attorneys, we have the ability to hold the liable responsible for their actions. As your advocates, we work to prove that the trucking contractor was leasing their truck from the shipping company. When we discover this, it often means the driver has little control over how they work. 

This points to an employer-employee relationship, which allows us to hold the company liable. 

Carrier Liability with Independent Truckers

When a driver is an independent contractor, you have the option to hold the carrier liable in certain cases. Typically, this occurs when the company was negligent in a way that led to the direct or proximate cause of your accident. 

This happens when a company hires, retains, or supervises an unfit or incompetent driver. For instance, a company might hire someone with a history of DUI/DWI convictions and license suspensions. If they work with them after learning of this, we have the option to hold them liable for subsequent accidents. 

Additionally, the court may find them liable when they negligently supervise a driver. An example of this is when to company fails to enforce driving regulations. For instance, if the driver exceeds allowed hours of service and the company does not stop them, that points to negligent supervision. 

Lastly, carriers are responsible for the maintenance and repairs of their own vehicles. When they fail to maintain, inspect, or repair their trucks, we can hold them accountable for accidents resulting from this failure. For example, when a tire that might have been replaced after proper inspection blows out and causes an accident, they may be liable for their negligence. 

How do people rebuild their lives after Houston AAA Cooper accidents?

At AP Law Group, our truck accident attorneys fight for injured Texans. Accidents are life-altering events, and the financial cost often extends well beyond your recovery. We help Houston drivers fight against trucking companies whose practices lead to injuries or wrongful death. 

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Extended medical care
  • Other applicable damages

When a truck accident occurs, the company sends out investigators. They want to cover their liability and ensure it is kept as quiet as possible. You deserve an advocate on your side to investigate the real cause of the accident. 

After Houston AAA Cooper accidents, we provide aggressive representation to hold companies accountable. Our team covers your case from start to finish. Every expense, court fee, and our time comes from our pocket. 

You only pay us once we win a settlement for your case. It all starts with a free case evaluation with our Houston trucking lawyers. Call now to schedule yours. Start your road to recovery today. 

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