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Riding a bike is a popular pastime throughout the Greater Houston Area. Whether you’re riding with the cycling group Critical Mass or breezing through the bike trails, you have the right to safely navigate the trails and streets of Houston. 

Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are on your bike, you have to share the road with cars and trucks. This can be nerve-racking because, in one moment, someone else’s negligence can lead to the loss of a loved one. 

When you get into a bike accident, you face severe, life-altering injuries – even with the top of the line safety gear. As bicycle accident lawyers, Houston cyclists depend on us to be advocates against the tenacious teams at insurance companies. Contact us today, and see how we can help you fight for your future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Require an Attorney After Being Hit While Riding My Bicycle?

An accident involving a cyclist and any vehicle is often quite serious.  A bicycle, even while wearing a helmet does not offer the same safeguards as a vehicle does, often causing more damage than not.

Dealing with an insurance company, especially after an accident, can be onerous. Do not take a settlement or accept refusal of compensation because you don’t want to deal with it. This is a huge mistake that might end up costing you thousands of dollars in medical bills that you should not be paying for.

When working with qualified and experienced attorneys, you will have the peace of mind of knowing somebody is fighting for you to get you what you deserve.  If you have been hit by a car while riding a bicycle, your best course of action is to contact a personal injury attorney.

How can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help My Case?

A Personal Injury Lawyer will help you to recover financial compensation from injuries sustained during the bicycle accident. These funds are often needed to pay for medical treatment and lost wages. You can also obtain help in suing anyone who may have caused or contributed to the accident. In most cases, bike accidents are caused by a negligent driver. A Personal Injury Lawyer can prove that negligence, working hard on your side.

How Much is My Bicycle Accident Case Worth?

There are numerous factors that can account for how much your Bicycle Accident case is worth:

  • Current and future medical bills. An attorney will consider future treatment you may need and will incorporate that into your case’s value, along with medical expenses that have already been incurred.
  • Property damage, if your bike (or any property you were carrying) was damaged in the accident, you can seek compensation for a new bike.
  • Lost wages. If you miss work due to an injury you suffered, you are entitled to be compensated for the time missed. This is something you will need to keep track of for the court.
  • Pain and suffering. If the accident caused long-term injuries causing a negative effect on your life and how you live, trauma, fear, and pain; your case could be worth more.

Speaking with a Personal Injury Attorney can help you calculate just exactly how much your Bicycle Accident Case is worth.

If I wasn't wearing a helmet during my accident, am I still entitled to compensation?

Your Equal Rights as a Bicyclist

Houston is an amazing city and for bike lovers, it’s an absolute dream. The city boasts a huge bikeway network of bike lanes, bike routes, trails, and multi-use paths covering 500 square miles. Not every motor vehicle driver knows it, but under Texas law, bicyclists have an equal right to travel public roads. They also have equal responsibilities to follow the rules of the road. 

There is, however, one clear area where bicycles and motor vehicles are not equal. In a collision between the two, a bicyclist will almost always sustain the most serious injuries. If you’re a bicyclist who has been seriously injured in an accident due to the negligence of a motor vehicle driver, you may need the services of a good bicycle accident attorney. A call to the Houston bicycle accident lawyers at AP Law Group will help you navigate the claims process.

Why It’s Best to Wear a Helmet

There is no statewide mandate in Texas that bicyclists wear helmets, and if you were not wearing a helmet when you were involved in an accident, it should have no bearing on your case. Despite the non-requirement, some Texas cities, including Houston, require that children and teens under fourteen wear an approved helmet while riding their bikes on city streets, sidewalks, and in parks. It’s a smart move. Studies have found that wearing a well-made, properly-fitted helmet reduces the risk of serious brain injury. When a bicyclist is wearing a helmet and in the course of an accident hits her head, a helmet will absorb the brunt of the impact.

Accidents a Bicyclist May Encounter

Compared to their counterparts on the road who have the protection of a certain measure of steel around them, bicyclists are particularly vulnerable on the road. Despite the law, not every driver agrees bicyclists should have equal rights to the road, and some will use their vehicle as a weapon of rage. Bicyclists may also be the victims of hit and run incidents by negligent drivers absorbed in their cell phones or other devices. 

Unaware of a bicycle in their blind spot, they may make unsafe turns. Any of these incidents can result in serious injury that requires a capable bicycle accident attorney. If this happens to you, don’t hesitate to call the AP Law Group. Our experienced Houston bicycle accident lawyers have seen it all and will help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Houston Bicycle Accident Lawyers Can Help

Bicyclists in motor vehicle accidents can be severely harmed with long-lasting and even permanent injuries. They may lose time from work, lose advancement opportunities, or be left unable to work at all. A bicycle accident attorney will ask to see your medical bills and documentation of any losses or ongoing costs you incur. If you can provide contact information for anyone who witnessed your accident, that will help also. 

No matter how challenging the road ahead may be, you can trust that your call to the Houston bicycle accident lawyers at AP Law Group is a wise decision. Our lawyers will do all we can to help you move forward in the most positive way possible.

What to Do After a Bike Accident

Safety is essential when riding a bicycle, even when the odds are against you and vehicles outnumber you on the road. It’s hard to avoid an accident with other motorists altogether; thus, you should know what to do when this happens. This way, you protect your rights or those of a companion. The first thing one has to do is call the police to the scene and wait for their arrival. Don’t leave even if you feel okay since you’re likely to have internal injuries and it will be hard to locate the other party for compensation.

When the accident is severe,/ contact a bicycle accident attorney to help you with the legal proceedings. Avoid negotiating with the driver even if they apologize and claim responsibility. You may not be aware of the extend of the damage on you or your bicycle. If you accept their apologies, they might deny responsibility, and you will have to bear the burden of repairs and medical bills. Contact Houston bicycle accident lawyers to assist you with the legal proceedings.

The Importance of Documenting the Scene of an Accident

Once a crime occurs, it’s important to document every detail by taking pictures, a video, or writing down the occurrences. Having a bicycle accident attorney ensures no detail is left out, and you can rest easy knowing the situation is under control. Documents help you to have first-hand information, which helps the lawyer in handling your case.

1. Gather Evidence

Pictures taken on the scene are used primarily as evidence in the case. Ensure the pictures are clear and captures everything.

Houston bicycle accident lawyers take pictures and keep them well. Besides, you can get a witness to the case by writing their contact information. If you delay and everyone disperses, it’s difficult to trace the witnesses later.

2. Document What Happened

Sketch a diagram showing what took place and the position of everyone involved.

3. Get other Party’s Contact Information

As advised by Houston bicycle accident lawyers, getting the drivers’ contacts helps you trace them. Ensure you have their phone number, email address, license number, and policy number.

4. Get Insurance Company Information

Get the drivers’ insurance company name and policy number. This information is used by your bicycle accident attorney when claiming compensation.

Why you Should not Leave a Crime Scene

Once an accident occurs, it’s important to inform the authorities and remain put. If the injuries are serious, then call for emergency services and give exact details about the number of people involved in the accident and the accident’s intensity, so they come fully prepared. Remaining at the scene ensures the police document it and can determine who is at fault. The damage may be worse than what you perceive, and it won’t be easy to contact the other party in the future for compensation if you leave.

Suppose you leave and contact Houston bicycle accident lawyers. In that case, it becomes difficult for them to estimate the value for compensation, and a driver may deny responsibility for the damages.

How much compensation should I expect after a bicycle accident in Houston?

If you are injured in an accident in Houston, you may be wondering how much compensation I should expect. When filing a personal injury claim in Texas, many variables can affect the final amount of compensation to be paid. You will want to be prepared and know exactly what to expect when you file your claim. In this article, we will discuss this issue in detail.

How Much Compensation Should I Expect After a Bicycle Accident?

Many factors can change the compensation amount after an accident in Houston. For example, the amount of damage to your vehicle, the severity of the injuries incurred, and many other issues can be a factor in the determination of how much compensation you will receive. These factors will dictate your final compensation amount. You must consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to determine the final compensation amount. They will not only help you with the calculation of potential future payouts, but they will also be able to answer any questions or concerns that you have.

If you have been in an accident in Houston that wasn’t your fault and isn’t your fault alone, then you may be able to receive compensatory damages (also known as damages in excess). This will include any expenses that are associated with your treatment, hospital stay, and rehabilitation. The negligent person or organization can pay these expenses. This type of case is referred to as a “contributory negligence” case.

In some cases, the amount of compensation you are entitled to will be less than the compensation you seek. A variety of factors determines the difference between the two. One factor often considered is whether or not the injury resulted from the negligence of another party. If so, how much compensation should I expect after a bicycle accident in Houston? That will be for a bicycle accident attorney to provide the details. Our specialist Houston bicycle accident lawyers can really help you. It’s important in this case to make sure you get someone local, so contact our Houston bicycle accident lawyers today.

Establishing Damages After a Bike Accident

How much compensation should I expect after a bicycle accident in Houston, Texas, is determined by the extent of your injuries and the extent of your suffering? For example, if you suffered a serious head injury, you likely will receive a large settlement. Besides, the severity of your injuries and any residual issues you have will also play a large part in your final compensation award. A skilled lawyer experienced in cases similar to yours will know how much compensation you should be entitled to.

As with most cases, the amount that you receive depends on several different factors. A lawyer’s experience, circumstances, and severity of your injury will all play a role in the amount you are compensated for your injury. It is important to remember that this amount is not set in stone. An experienced bicycle accident attorney will be able to negotiate a case in such a way as to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Another factor that will determine how much compensation I should expect after a bicycle accident in Houston, Texas, is the insurance company’s willingness to settle the case. Insurance companies are generally happy to settle a case rather than go through the lengthy process of going to trial, and they are usually willing to offer you a good deal. The only difficult part of settling a case like this is making sure that you have a strong case, especially if you have received an injury from another person’s fault. 

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There are many great Houston bicycle accident lawyers who can help you with your claim. Contact a specialist bicycle accident attorney today. You need a Houston bicycle accident lawyer who can help you out. You need a bicycle accident attorney today. Contact AP Law Group today to schedule a free consultation.

Is The Driver Of The Vehicle Always Liable After A Bicycle Accident?

As a team of Houston bicycle accident lawyers, we want riders to know that fault can vary in mishaps involving their vehicles and automobiles.

Dangers Of Bicycle Accidents

As bicycle accident lawyers, we want to warn cyclists that accidents involving cars and bicycles can lead to serious impacts because of the sheer size discrepancy between these modes of transportation. This issue increases the cyclist’s risk of having their property destroyed and major, potentially debilitating or life-threatening physical and internal injuries.

Common Causes Of Bicycle And Car Collisions

In Texas, bicycles, like any other form of transportation, are subject to established traffic regulations.

For example, cyclists must obey stop signs and red lights as motorists would. Moreover, said subjects are required to ride as adjacent to a roadway’s curb or side as humanly possible in the direction traffic is moving. Additionally, bikes and cars are implored to yield to the right-of-way when necessary.

One of the most common accident causes involving the two popular vehicles is the right turn right-of-way. As bike accident attorneys, we’d caution that when drivers turn right, they enter a cyclist’s direct pathway. Occasionally, the motorist might irresponsibly turn without seeing or even looking out for a bicycle rider or collide with them while slowing down during the turning process.

Other somewhat common untoward occurrences take place near parked cars. Since cyclists are mandated to travel along the sides of roadways, they often enter close proximity to parked vehicles. Occasionally, vehicle owners might exit their cars without seeing an oncoming cyclist leading to a wreck.

That said, our Houston car accident lawyers stress that collisions between cycles and vehicles may also occur under various other circumstances and often because one party is engaged in some type of negligent action.

However, it is important to reiterate that bicycles and automobiles are designed differently. Because bikes are lighter than cars, these single-seat, open-air vehicles have an easier time executing sudden movements and possess the capacity to gain high rates of speed quickly, mishaps do happen.

Are These Events Always The Motorist’s Fault?

One might automatically assume that these traffic incidents are always the driver’s fault. In actuality, however, this is not the case.

There are certain circumstances in which the motorist will likely carry a solid percentage of and, quite possibly, the entirety of fault. Our Houston bicycle accident lawyers maintain that these events include right turn right-of-way mishaps and causing a collision when opening a vehicle’s door, which obstructs the oncoming rider’s path.

Determining Fault

That said, a bike accident attorney warns that not all incidents are that cut and dried. In an appreciable number of occasions, these events are far more challenging to sort through.

The Modified Comparative Fault Principle

Houston bicycle accident lawyers stress that those injured in such dust-ups are strongly encouraged to retain the services of an experienced legal professional possessing significant experience arguing similar cases.

Texas civil code follows a principle called modified comparative negligence. This mandate dictates that plaintiffs injured in personal injury lawsuits can only recoup compensation from an accused party if a ruling entity like a jury or judge finds they were 50 percent or less at fault.

Furthermore, success in such endeavors requires the plaintiff and their bike accident attorney clearly illustrate that the motorist engaged in some type of negligible behavior, said action led to the collision, the plaintiff’s injuries were related to the incident, and no other preexisting physical or medical concern, and the compensation sought is strictly related to the injuries sustained during the accident.

Reaching Out To The AP Law Group

The AP Law Group employs a solid collection of Houston bicycle accident lawyers. Cyclists hurt in mishaps involving vehicles are urged to contact us. We can determine the validity of their case and, should circumstances warrant, formulate a strategy geared towards establishing a strong argument against the accused parties.

To learn more, schedule a free case evaluation with our Houston bike accident lawyers.

How much does it cost to hire a personal injury attorney after a bicycle accident?

As the number of cyclists has increased in Houston, so is the number of bicycle accidents. For the year 2020, bike accidents accounted for 34 deaths, a significant increase from 2019. It is clear from the statistics that an information drive is still much needed to educate both drivers and cyclists on sharing the road responsibly and safely. 

As much as automobile drivers should follow road rules, so should cyclists. Even with all diligence as a cyclist, if you are injured in an accident, you should contact a bike accident attorney immediately to assist you while you make your claim.

What Will a Bike Accident Lawyer Cost Me?

Many Houston bicycle accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. That means you will only pay attorney’s fees once an attorney secures a favorable money outcome for your case. You do not have to pay the attorneys an acceptance fee or any other legal fees. 

You also do not have to pay for attorney’s fees if you lose the case. This setup is favorable to you, the offended party, as you avoid the stress and burden of upfront fees for the bike accident lawyer.

How long do I have to file my claim?

It is important to note that bike accident injury claims may only be instituted for up to two (2) years from the accident date, according to Section 16.003, Title 2 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. 

Such a claim is barred by such a short prescription period. Therefore, you need to file your claim immediately with a bike accident lawyer, who can then form and institute the pleading for you.

What Damages Can I Claim?

A bike accident victim may claim the following:

  1. Current and future medical bills
  2. Damage to property
  3. Total time missed from work and lost wages
  4. Lingering physical, emotional, and mental pain

Esteemed Houston bicycle accident lawyers are the first to tell you that you can claim not only for present damages but also for future damages since the effects of the accident can linger for weeks, months, and even years after the incident. 

Such lasting effects can impact how you deal with your personal, family, and work-life; therefore, your bike accident attorney can ensure that you are properly compensated for your injuries.

What about insurance?

If the driver is insured, the claim for damages will be sourced from the driver’s insurance company. In some cases, you may also be able to claim from your own insurance company. Our Houston bicycle accident lawyers recommend that you make sure that you get the right insurance for your needs, one that will cover as many circumstances as possible. 

It can be challenging to sift through the fine print given the legalese used, so it is best to contact a bike accident attorney to help you make the best decision. The best Houston bicycle accident lawyers can ensure that you will receive just, fair, and proper compensation for your physical, mental, and emotional injuries.

What damages can I claim after a bicycle accident?

It is a more common sight in Houston now than a decade ago to see people bicycling on a school or workday. However, as the number of cyclists has increased, so has the number of bike accidents. 

In 2020, a total of 34 bicyclists died on the roads of Houston. The Houston Chronicle said it most succinct: “2020 was the year Houstonians stayed out of their cars and grabbed a bike. A record of 34 of them died.” 

Many people are not yet aware of what safety precautions to take when driving and sharing the road with bikers. Even more unfortunate is that too many victims don’t know that they have legal remedies, even if an accident is as “minor” as a bruise or cut. 

However, you can take many actions to get the proper care you need.

What Damages Can I Claim After a Bicycle Accident?

Houston bicycle accident lawyers have provided the following damages that a victim can claim when injured while biking within the state:

  1. current and future medical bills
  2. damage to property
  3. time missed from work and lost wages
  4. lingering physical, emotional, and mental pain

A bike accident attorney will make the case for compensation based on present and future injuries since an accident can have debilitating impacts on your personal, family, and working life.

Why should I make a claim?

Many victims who have sought the help of Houston bicycle accident lawyers have learned how to live day-by-day with prominent scarring, physical disabilities, depression, and anxiety even years after their accident. That is why it is important to get in touch with a bike accident attorney who can ensure that you will be adequately compensated for your injuries.

How long do I have to make my claim?

Timing is essential when claiming damages for bike accident injuries, for it is barred by prescription. A mere two (2) years from the day the cause of action accrues is the only allowable period to file for damages arising from injuries incurred from a bike accident, according to Section 16.003, Title 2 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code. 

Therefore, there is a high need to contact a bike accident attorney who will work on your claim immediately. Ultimately, Houston bicycle accident lawyers will ensure you get just and proper compensation for your injuries.

What should I do in an accident?

As a precaution, it is good to remember that if you have been hit by a vehicle while cycling, make sure that you secure the following details from the driver:

  1. Name, address, and phone number of the driver
  2. Automobile insurance policy carrier and number
  3. Driver’s license number
  4. The license plate of the vehicle

Take photos and videos if you can. And contact Houston bicycle accident lawyers who can immediately help you work on your claim for any damages you have sustained.

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