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What Our Houston Burn Injury Lawyers Do For You When You've Been The Victim Of A Burn Injury.

Our Houston burn injury lawyers help injured Houstonians fight for their futures. Burn injuries cover a broad spectrum. While some require a simple bandage, others require multiple surgeries. Above all, it depends on the severity of your case. 

When you suffer an injury of any kind, it puts your future in jeopardy. Additionally, burns are emotionally exhausting, traumatic, and painful. Unfortunately, they are also far too common. Schedule a free consultation with our burn injury attorneys and hold the liable accountable. 

Burn Injury Lawyers Houston Trusts

Per records from the Houston Fire Department, HFP responds to thousands of fires year after year. Oftentimes, these incidents are minor accidents or false alarms. However, this includes serious fires caused by the negligence of another. Unfortunately, they resulted in severe burns for others. 

Burns come from more than fire, though. They result from heat, electrocution, chemical exposure, or even overexposure to the sun. Chemical burns and electrical burns pose great threats and have an astounding impact on the lives of victims.  As Houston burn injury lawyers, we help accident victims recover from burn accidents.

When You Sustain a Burn Injury in Houston

When you sustain an injury caused by another, it’s essential to speak with our Houston burn injury lawyers as soon as possible. People harmed by another’s careless actions often face costly, long-term consequences. 

Oftentimes, you have legal options to recover compensation for the harm you faced and the trauma you experienced due to your burns. This process begins when you reach out to an experienced burn injury attorney at AP Law Group. 

Our Houston burn injury lawyers are here to answer your questions throughout your free, private case evaluation. Call now to schedule a consultation!

Types of Burn Injuries

Two layers compose the skin: the epidermis (outer layer) and the dermis (inner layer). Different types of burns damage different areas. 

  • First-degree burns damage the epidermis. 
  • Second-degree burns damage both the epidermis and dermis. 
  • Third-degree burns cause damage to both as well as underlying tissue, muscle, and potentially even bone. 

Oftentimes, a third-degree burn requires skin grafts and leaves serious scarring. When you need treatment for burns like this, it often requires tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. Moreover, they require both short-term and long-term care.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

Above all, fire is the most common cause of burns. In personal injury cases, they result from a lack of smoke detectors in a space, poor wiring, or a lack of compliance with fire codes. However, these are only a few examples of the type of negligence that puts others at risk. 

  • Exposure to acids, bases, or hydrocarbons causes chemical burns 
  • Electrical burns 
  • Defective space heaters
  • Hot water burns (or scalding), which often injure young children
  • Defective car seat heaters
  • Car accident fires fed by fuel 

Burns have a wide array of causes and occur as a result of many incidents. With 3,390 civilian fire deaths in 2016, they are one of the most common causes of unintentional injury and wrongful death in our country. Law firms like ours help victims of fires or explosions pursue the compensation they deserve.

Damages from Burn Injury Cases

In personal injury cases, there are two types of damages to pursue: compensatory and punitive damages. Compensatory damages cover economic and non-economic damages. 

Economic damages include lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs that accrue from your injury. Alternatively, non-economic damages cover less tangible costs, such as pain and suffering. 

Punitive damages are possible. However, they require proof of malice or gross negligence on the part of the defendant. As your personal injury attorneys, we examine your case to identify all viable avenues for compensation.

Wrongful Death Cases and Burns

When the victim of the incident dies, their family has the option to file a wrongful death case. Through this, they seek compensation for the loss they suffer from the death. In Texas, these cases are available to parents, children, and spouses.

Moreover, survival actions are a possibility. These compensate the estate of someone and covers suffering and any relevant expenses prior to the victim’s death. 

As Houston burn injury lawyers, we fight to protect the futures of Texas families. Let us help you hold the liable accountable and maximize your compensation. Schedule a free case evaluation today. 

Settlements with Houston Burn Injury Lawyers

There’s a reason people associate burns with severe trauma and punishment. When liability is clear and present, burn cases often result in higher compensation. Throughout our history, there’s a clear trend in jury verdict research. It reflects how serious they take severe burn injuries. 

Generally, burn injuries have a higher potential for a positive outcome when they go to court. Oftentimes, this is because juries are on the side of victims. When insurance companies offer a paltry settlement, our Houston burn injury lawyers take the fight to court. 

Studies show that when burn cases involve extensive third-degree burns, they have the potential for high levels of economic damages. This trend is not found in many other cases. However, minor burns often result in a lower value settlement. 

At AP Law Group, we focus on your fight for compensation while you focus on healing. Whether your burns are first-, second-, or third-degree, we fight for the compensation you deserve. From apartment fires and scaldings to explosions and auto accident fires, we are ready to fight. 

While damages vary from case to case, we explore your options to pursue your best interests. We factor in liability and the extent of your burns as well as your treatment plan to build out your case. 

If you are a burn injury victim, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Our Houston burn injury attorneys are ready to fight for you. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Houston Burn Injury Lawyers FAQ

When do burns require treatment from a burn center?

Burns and Medical Treatment

Typically, minor burns or first-degree burns do not require medical care. However, second- or third-degree burns often require medical treatment. Moreover, severe cases require extensive hospitalization. 

When burns cover more than 10% of your body, it’s essential that you have a burn center or specialist evaluate your injuries. Additionally, you should seek a specialist in the following situations. 

  • At-risk people with existing conditions such as diabetes or heart conditions
  • The burns occur on children or the elderly 
  • Burns affect your hands, major joints, face, or genitalia 
  • Electricity or chemicals cause the burn

On average, hospital stays tend to equate to one day per 1% of the body covered. However, specialists take many factors into account. These determine the extent of your treatment. 

Do all severe burns leave scars?

Severe Scarring from Burns

Whether a burn scars depends on the severity of the burn itself. Moreover, it depends on the short-term and long-term treatment you receive. Some techniques help to mitigate scarring or disfigurement. 

For instance, skin grafting helps with disfigurement after a severe burn. This process transfers healthy skin from one area of your body to the burn site. Additionally, surgeries help to restore function when a burn causes nerve or muscle damage. 

Because cases are often so different, it’s crucial to talk to your doctor about your options. When you have specific concerns, seek out a specialist. 

At AP Law Group, our Houston burn injury lawyers handle the weight of your case so that you focus on healing. Schedule a consultation today and begin the fight for your future. 

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