What We Do For You When You've Been Bitten.

As Houston dog bite lawyers, we understand how traumatic these assaults can be. Even for those who love dogs, the vicious attack of one animal can be enough to change their relationship with pets forever. Dog bites and other animal attacks are frightening, painful, and potentially deadly situations. They can leave victims with permanent scars and even lifelong fear and trauma.

Houston's Strict Dog Bite Laws


Texas law does not make it easy to recover damages in these cases. However, when you have a Houston dog bite lawyer on your side, you have a skilled, dedicated advocate to aggressively pursue what you need to recover. Not only can you fight for your rightful compensation, the animal/dog that bit you does not fare well in the end. Although it may be tough, with a team of dedicated advocates on your side, AP Law will fight tooth and nail to get you the compensation you derserve.

At AP Law Group, our dog bite attorneys are committed to our clients. Let us be your advocates and pursue compensation and justice on your behalf. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Do After a Dog Bite in Texas?

When you or a loved one sustains a dog bite in Houston, it’s vital that you record the details of the situation. 

  • Document the name and contact information of the dog’s owner
  • Take note of where the dog bit happened
  • Ask the owner for vaccination records as well as the contact information for their veterinarian 
  • Take pictures of the wound before treatment 
  • Seek medical care after the injury to obtain a recorded assessment of your injuries
  • Retain the medical records from this treatment and follow the treatment plan provided by your physicians 

Dog bites have the potential to be incredibly serious injuries. However, with a knowledgeable Houston dog bite lawyer on your side, you have the opportunity to pursue compensation to recover. At AP Law Group, our dog bite attorneys take the weight of your case off your shoulders. We bear this weight for you so that you have the peace of mind you need to recover. 

Whether your claim is against a friend, family member, neighbor, or stranger, we provide the confidence you need to pursue justice. You have the right to pursue financial recovery. As your advocates, we are here to help.

What Can a Houston Dog Bite Lawyer Do For You ?

When you work with our Houston dog bite attorneys, we fight aggressively to strengthen your case in order to attain the best outcome possible. Always working in your best interests, our representation includes the following: 

  • Thoroughly investigating your case to gather evidence 
  • Working with experts 
  • Interviewing witnesses and documenting depositions 
  • Reviewing your medical records and requirements to cover your costs in the claim
  • Determining the full reimbursement required for you to recover from the accident, from lost wages to temporary or permanent needs
  • Pursuing a claim against the insurance company to ensure proper settlement
  • Preparing for trial when they refuse to provide adequate compensation 

As your advocates, our Houston dog bite lawyers are ready to answer your questions. We want you to gain the peace of mind and confidence necessary to continue with your case. Our team understands the devastation that comes from mounting medical bills and lost wages. We know the untold stress that comes from the negligence of others. 

That’s why we fight for injured Texans. Let us focus on your case so that you can focus on healing.

What is Lillian's Law?

Lillian’s law is a law that was enacted to stiffen the criminal penalties (i.e. more jail time) for persons found criminally negligent when their dog attacks someone resulting in serious injury or death. Named after Lillian Stiles, a 76-year-old woman who was mauled to death by a pack of pitbull/rottweiler mixes from a neighbor down the street’s yard and attacked her as she was mowing the lawn. The dogs’ owner, was indicted for criminally negligent homicide, he was found not guilty.

Lillian’s Law becomes important when the owner is convicted by the State under this law, it is deemed a felony. Having hard evidence of this conviction can go a long way.  Not only towards proving negligence, but also establishing punitive damages against a grossly negligent or reckless animal owner.

With an experienced Personal Injury & Dog Bite Attorneys on your side, AP Law will do all they can to prove your case.

Do I have a claim if I went to a person's house to perform work and was bitten by the property owner's dog?

Dog Bites in Harris County, Texas

It’s easy to see that Houston loves its dogs. A quick web-search nets all kinds of doggie-based meetup groups and fun things to do with our four-legged friends. The city even has its own canine swim club. Unfortunately, not every encounter with a dog is a positive experience, and sometimes dogs will bite. In fact, between the years 2013 to 2016, some 6683 dog bite incidents were reported to Harris County Veterinary Public Health. And while 25.07 percent of these bites were attributed to pit bulls, a breed with a less than stellar reputation, the second-highest percentage of bites, 13.72 percent, were attributed to labrador retrievers, the most popular breed in the United States. When unfortunate incidents like this occur, you need a good dog bite attorney to have your back.

When You’re Bitten by a Dog at Work

While you may have a dog of your own at home, unless you work at a veterinary clinic or for local animal control, chances are you don’t encounter dogs at work. However, when you do the kind of work that takes you to residential neighborhoods or into other people’s homes, you’re bound to cross paths with family pets. And they might not always be friendly. If you’ve been bitten by a dog at a person’s home when you were there to perform work and have sustained injuries, you may need to talk to a Houston dog bite lawyer. A dog bite attorney at AP Law Group will evaluate your case and determine if your injuries merit compensation.

Who Is Responsible for a Dog Bite?

A dog bite or attack of any kind can result in serious injuries including puncture wounds, lacerations, contusions, and abrasions, or disfigurement. Bites can lead to infections and even amputations. Victims may suffer lasting psychological damage. At a minimum, victims will incur medical bills and possibly lost time from work. Homeowners are responsible for their pets’ behavior and should ensure that their dogs are safely contained or restrained when workers come onto their property or into their homes. If you’ve been personally injured in this way, an experienced Houston dog bite lawyer from AP Law Group can hear you out and put together a strong case.

What Should I Do if I’m Bitten by a Dog?

Before you do anything else, get away from the dog and to a safe place. Call 911 if your injuries are serious. Inform the dog’s owner if they are not aware and gather any necessary information, such as if the dog is properly licensed and vaccinated. Contact animal control or local law enforcement. Keep any medical documentation. 

Then get a good Houston dog bite lawyer from AP Law Group. If the homeowner was negligent, a dog bite attorney from our firm will get you the compensation you deserve. But don’t delay. The statute of limitations in Texas for a dog bite due to negligence is two years. Call an AP Law Group Houston dog bite lawyer right away.

Do I have a claim if a police dog bit me?

K9 Units: A Public Safety Tool

Many police departments across the country count on their K9 units, or police dogs, to back up their officers in the field. With their excellent olfactory receptors, thousands of times stronger than that of humans, police dogs provide invaluable services, such as sniffing out drugs, explosives and finding missing persons. Police dogs are also trained to respond to their handler’s verbal commands and hand gestures and can be used to apprehend and hold suspects until human help arrives. It’s up to those police departments to make sure their K9 recruits are properly trained and utilized.

What Happens When a Police Dog Bites

We like to think police dogs take a bite out of crime, but with their powerful jaws and razor-sharp teeth, it’s not just an expression. In some situations, when a police dog is given a command to apprehend and hold a suspect, the action may result in a dog bite. Police departments and the officers that handle their K9 units are responsible to properly train their dogs and refraining from the use of excessive force. 

They cannot permit a dog to continue an attack after a suspect has been subdued. Nor should they encourage aggressive behaviors. If you’ve been the victim of a dog bite during a police action, whether or not you were found guilty of the crime for which you were apprehended, you may be able to file a claim against the responsible police department. A Houston dog bite lawyer with AP Law Group can help determine if you have a solid case.

What If I’ve Been Bitten as a Bystander?

Police activity in a public area often draws a crowd, and in some cases, if a K9 unit is on the scene, a bystander may get bitten. Under these circumstances, a dog bite attorney may be needed to ensure the victims are properly compensated for their medical expenses, lost time from work, and other losses. 

Dog bites can result in serious scarring, punctures, lacerations, and broken bones. They can also cause lasting psychological harm. If you’ve been the victim of a bite from a police dog as an innocent bystander, contact a Houston dog bite lawyer at AP Law Group. A dog bite attorney from AP Law Group can hold the police department accountable.

When You Need a Houston Dog Bite Lawyer

Government agencies tend to give police departments a little more leeway when it comes to making judgment calls, and your claim may need to demonstrate unreasonable conduct on the part of the officer who had control over the dog. 

At AP Law Group we know how intimidating it can be to make a claim against law enforcement and we can put a Houston dog bite lawyer from our firm on the case. If you’ve been bit by a police dog and the act was unjustified, hiring an experienced dog bite attorney from AP Law Group will give your claim the teeth it needs.

If my neighbors dog bit me on my property, do I have a legal claim?

The Definition of a Good Neighbor

We all have our own ideas about what it is to be a good neighbor. For some it means introducing ourselves to newcomers, loaning out garden tools when needed, or keeping an eye out for each other’s children. For others it’s all about keeping up personal property, making sure the lawn is regularly mowed and the leaves raked up in the fall. Dog owners need to be good neighbors, too. 

As responsible dog owners, they shouldn’t let their family pets bark incessantly, and no matter how friendly they think their dogs are, they shouldn’t let them loose to roam the neighborhood. No one wants trouble with a neighbor, but if you’ve been bitten in your yard by a neighbor’s dog and sustained injuries, that neighbor needs to be held accountable. A call to a Houston dog bite lawyer at AP Law Group may be a necessary action.

What Should I Do If My Neighbor’s Dog Bites Me?

If you’ve been bitten by your neighbor’s dog, get treatment immediately. Gather any evidence of the attack along with your medical bills. You should also contact your local animal control officer to report the incident. The official may know or be able to ascertain quickly if the dog is licensed and is up to date on vaccinations. 

Let your neighbor know the dog was loose and what happened as well. Then, as soon as you are able, call a dog bite attorney at AP Law Group. An expert Houston dog bite lawyer from AP Law Group can help you determine if you have reasonable cause for a claim.

Serious Injuries Caused by Dog Bites

No doubt your neighbor thought his dog would never bite anyone, but the injury his dog caused tells another story. Dog bites are no laughing matter and can result in serious injuries including puncture wounds, lacerations, facial disfigurement, infections, and even amputations. 

As a result of a dog bite, a victim may suffer post-traumatic stress disorder. When you reach out to a Houston dog bite lawyer from AP Law Group, be prepared to provide all documentation from health care professionals you have seen as a result of the dog bite as well as proof of other losses, such as wages. A dog bite attorney from AP Law Group will work for you to get you the full compensation you deserve.

What Are My Options If My Neighbor’s Dog Bites Me?

If your neighbor’s dog has bitten or tried to bite someone else in the past and that fact can be established, a Houston dog bite lawyer from AP Law Group may be able to file a strict liability claim where the court classifies the dog as vicious. The second option as your dog bite attorney is to file a negligence claim where you will need to show your neighbor did not provide the ordinary or rational care that any reasonable person would in similar circumstances. Whichever route is taken, rest assured that when you choose a Houston dog bite lawyer from AP Law Group, we’ll be on your side every step of the way.

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