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June 23, 2021

Few acute injuries have the potential to precipitate adverse life implications as traumatic brain injuries. In certain instances, said events might be the result of another party’s negligence. AP Law Group, a Houston, Texas-based personal injury law firm invites prospective clients and interested parties to read the following short blog involving traumatic brain injury cases.


Traumatic Brain Injury Causes


These mishaps precipitate the onset of damages that can impact the victim’s mobility, cognitive functions or, in the most serious cases, said individual’s ability to work or perform basic daily functions. Brain trauma may be precipitated by a variety of causes.


Among the most common causes are automobile accidents (also including those that occur with motorcycles and trucks), slip and fall accidents and gunshot wounds. However, other traumatic brain injury causes might also be brought forth by unfortunate events such as medical or surgical errors, physical violence, faulty protective headgear, sports-related incidents and workplace mishaps.


Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery Statistics


Brain injury recovery statistics can appear daunting. Just under two million Americans are involved in brain trauma-inducing accidents each year. Researchers estimate that there are currently more than five million people living with the lingering impact of a traumatic brain injury. For many, recovery can take many months, if not years and necessitate significant and aggressive treatment like surgery and physical therapy. In some cases, recovery does not occur and individuals are left with permanent, life-altering disabilities.


Traumatic Brain Injury Cases


Traumatic brain injuries could have lasting and devastating financial consequences. Impacted persons may no longer be able to earn income, engage in routine activities or be burdened with exorbitant medical bills. That said, individuals who opine that their injuries were caused by the negligence of

another party might opt to pursue a civil case against the perceived guilty parties to be compensated for the damages they sustained.


It is important to note, however, that winning traumatic brain injury cases is dependent upon numerous different factors. Arguably, the most critical factor is retaining the services of the most experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer the prospective litigant can locate. Merely sustaining injuries does not entitle anyone to any financial reward. Such claims have to be proven to the satisfaction of a adjudicating body or settled out of court. In either instance, the client and their traumatic brain injury lawyer carry a heavy burden of proof.


Traumatic brain injuries fall under the wider purview of personal injury law. For a plaintiff to be successful in such a case, said litigant and their attorney must clearly demonstrate that the accident or incident in question caused their brain injuries, that the defendants committed some act of negligence and malfeasance that contributed to the incident and that the damages the plaintiff seeks are directly related to injuries sustained in the accident and not caused by any other injury or health malady.


These matters are sufficiently proven only through the presentation of credible evidence. An experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer will attempt to procure this proof by engaging in activities including but not necessarily limited to visiting the accident scene, obtaining law enforcement documentation regarding the incident in question, reviewing the plaintiff’s medical records, examining the criminal records of prospective defendants and interviewing witnesses.


Client’s Actions


Individuals who sustained brain injuries believed to be caused by another’s negligence can execute certain immediate steps (or just as soon as they or their family members can) that might increase their chances of successfully litigating any civil suit. Said actions include:


Consulting With An Experienced Lawyer


Prospective plaintiffs should consult with experienced personal injury attorneys who possess knowledge of brain injuries and have experience trying such cases.


Providing The Attorney With All Pertinent Documentation


As previously stated, winning damages is heavily contingent upon producing evidence. Not only is it important for a potential complainant to disclose their description of the events leading up to and during the incident in question but produce any documentation that can support their claims.


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