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Liberty Mutual Claims and Auto Accident Attorneys

When you need to file Liberty Mutual claims, a Houston car accident lawyer has the expertise and experience to help. Our auto accident attorneys understand the ins and outs of car accident claims. When you want to maximize your settlement, we help you file a claim that covers your needs. Schedule a free case evaluation with our team to learn more about your options.

Do You Need to File a Liberty Mutual Claim?

When you need to file a claim with Liberty Mutual, call on a personal injury law firm that offers personalized attention and aggressive representation. At AP Law Group, we know what it’s like to be the little guy going up against large corporations. 

We dedicate ourselves to helping injured Texans fight for a better future. While insurance representatives want to discourage you from working with a lawyer, it’s important to know your options. Don’t let them fool you. 

When you work with our Houston auto accident lawyers, you pay nothing unless and until we win your case. Because we operate on a contingency fee basis, our team earns nothing until YOU get paid. 

With the help of our advocates, you can streamline your claim and reach a much larger settlement. Here are a few tips to help you understand how to maximize your claim. 

No Recorded Statements

When people file Liberty Mutual Claims, it’s pretty standard for an insurance adjuster to ask them to answer a few questions and offer up a recorded statement about their motor vehicle collision. However, you have no obligation to comply

As car accident lawyers in Houston, we tend to advise against providing recorded statements. Here’s why. 

When you give the company a recorded statement, it’s easy for them to find ways to twist your words and use them against you. For example, when you politely respond that you “feel fine” even though you struggle with pain, they use it to argue against your medical treatment. 

Alternatively, they use it to mitigate your damages for “pain and suffering.” It’s easy for an insurance adjuster to take your words and work to deny or reduce your claim. 

Instead, you can direct all communication to your lawyer. 

Be Careful With Your Words

When it comes to Liberty Mutual claims, it’s crucial for victims to be mindful of their words. If you speak to the insurance company, be wise with your words and keep your responses minimal. Additionally, direct them to speak with your auto accident attorney. 

After a collision with a Liberty Mutual policyholder, it’s common to hear from their representative pretty soon after. They try to pry into various aspects of the wreck. However, it’s important to only provide them with the basic details. For instance, provide your personal identification information as well as the date and time of the crash. 

Topics to Avoid with Insurance Adjusters

  • How the collision occurred and what you were doing in the moments before the wreck
  • Medical diagnoses or treatments 
  • Any of your medical expenses
  • Time you’ve missed from work 
  • How your injuries impact your life, such as daily or recreational activities  
  • Emotional pain or physical suffering

All of these are aspects of your settlement that your car accident attorney works to prove. There’s no reason to estimate, guess, or even share this information before your attorney reaches out to them. 

Oftentimes, people speak with an adjuster and inadvertently harm their claim with what seems like a simple reply. Or, they feel it’s something they can adjust or verify later. However, the insurance company uses these statements against you.  

Do Medical Bills Matter?

When people submit their Liberty Mutual claims, it often includes medical bills. Typically, people expect them to add up the totals and cover the costs. However, some insurance companies make it a practice to ignore the actual dollar amounts in these bills. 

Instead, they use “usual and customary charges.” What does that mean, though? 

It means that the company brings in medical professionals who decide whether your medical expenses were “usual and customary” for the treatments you received in your area. Unfortunately, they never actually meet with you and have no real means to examine your injuries. Moreover, these assessments might be biased, which means the company assumes your doctor exaggerated your condition or the costs. Then, they base their offer on their own estimations. 

That means that their offer might not cover your actual bills. Sounds unfair, right? 

That’s because it is. When your doctor feels a specific treatment is necessary, you should be confident the insurance company covers it. This type of behavior causes victims to hesitate about the treatment they seek. 

No injured Texan should be afraid to receive medical treatment. Luckily, with our auto accident attorneys working on your Liberty Mutual claim, you have an advocate to fight for you. 

At AP Law Group, we fight for the future of injured Texans and believe you should get the treatment you need and have the insurance company cover your costs. 

Your Liberty Mutual Claim Is Worth More

After a car accident, it’s common for victims to what an idea of the value of their claim. With a paper trail showing some of the costs, they feel confident that it’s accurate. Oftentimes, they include the repairs of their vehicle and their medical bills. That’s enough, right? 

The truth is that people often deserve much more than they believe. Too often, victims add up what they can think of and send that off to the insurance company. However, this amount tends to be lower than what they deserve

Calculating damages from a motor vehicle collision is no easy task. It requires more information than your bills. Here are a few additional losses our auto accident attorneys in Houston know how to calculate. When we do, we work to maximize your settlement and help you earn what you deserve!

  • Future medical expenses
  • Lost wages 
  • Reduced earning capacity 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Rideshare services while you don’t have a car
  • Disfigurement

As we put together Liberty Mutual Claims, we take a look at the big picture. This requires a deep dive into how your motor vehicle accident impacted your life. 

When you work with our legal team, we know what questions to ask. This helps us maximize your claim beyond your existing bills. 

Remember, when you ask for too little, the insurance company is totally fine with that! They want to pay out as little as possible. When you ask for less than you deserve, they are happy to comply. 

Moreover, once you accept a settlement, there’s no going back. That’s why you need an advocate on your side to maximize your Liberty Mutual claim. 

They WANT You to Accept that First Offer

There’s no real secret about this. When people file Liberty Mutual claims, it’s common for insurance adjusters to come back with a lowball offer. It makes sense, though. 

At first, you see the number, and it probably feels like enough. It might cover your repair bills and medical costs. However, the first offer tends to be the worst offer. 

Insurance companies want to make the lowest offer they can get away with to protect their bottom line. They want you to fall for this offer because if you accept it, you have no way to renegotiate. 

That means when your injury causes you problems down the road, you have to pay out of pocket. Here are a few more reasons not to accept the initial offer after Liberty Mutual claims. 

  • Initial offers usually aren’t enough. 
  • When you take a quick payment, your injuries might be worse than you thought. 
  • Accepting the offer means you waive your right to seek additional compensation. 
  • They want you to think a quick settlement is in your best interest, which is rarely true. 

When you work with our Liberty Mutual claims attorneys, you have an advocate on your side to determine whether a settlement is enough. Our team advises you on when to accept an offer or whether we can negotiate for more. 

Too often, car collision victims believe this first offer is the final offer. However, you have the right to fight for the compensation you deserve. At AP Law Group, we’re here to help. 

From Liberty Mutual Claim to Liberty Mutual Lawsuit

Oftentimes, people think of lawyers in the courtroom arguing for this or that. The idea of going to court stresses the average person out. Who wants to deal with that? 

However, it’s important to understand that a lawsuit after a car accident only occurs when we can’t reach a fair settlement in negotiations. It’s not something we do immediately, but it’s something we aren’t afraid to do. 

When a lawsuit becomes necessary, our team knows how to fight for the compensation you deserve. Moreover, not all lawsuits have to go to trial. We still have a pre-trial phase to reach a settlement once we use the trial itself as leverage. 

Still, civil litigation is not an easy process. With an advocate on your side, you have someone who knows how to file a case and when it becomes necessary. When an insurance company refuses to make a fair offer, here are a few actions we take. 

  • Prepare a complaint within the statute of limitations
  • Discovery – gather evidence from all defendants 
  • Filing court motions and attending hearings for motions
  • Continued negotiations for your settlement 
  • Represent you in the trial when negotiations fail

Oftentimes, law firms take the easy route and accept a settlement offer that’s good, not great. At AP Law Group, we strive to fight for the compensation you deserve. With aggressive representation, you have a team on your side ready to fight for your future. 

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation for Your Liberty Mutual Claim

It is essential for car accident victims to understand their rights when a negligent driver causes them harm. Don’t let insurance companies play mind games with you or use tricks to reduce your claim. 

With Liberty Mutual claims and other insurance claims, the process isn’t always straightforward. However, with the right representation, you have advocates on your side to guide you. 

The team at AP Law Group is ready to provide personalized attention and aggressive representation to ensure you have the compensation you need to move on with your life. 

Are you dealing with unfair treatment from insurance companies after an auto accident? You’re not alone. AP Law Group’s Houston auto accident attorneys are ready to help you fight. 

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Remember that you owe us nothing until we win your claim. There’s nothing for you to lose yet everything to gain. Meet with our team to see how we can help you maximize your claim. Schedule your free case evaluation today. 

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