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Averitt Express accidents are no small matter. When a commercial vehicle collides with a car, the results often devastate people and their families. With tight deadlines, drivers often suffer from fatigue or skip essential maintenance checks. This negligence often results in trucking accidents that injure innocent Texans. 

At AP Law Group, our Houston Averitt Express accident attorneys help you hold drivers and shipping companies accountable for their actions. Book a free case evaluation today.

Averitt Express Truck Accident Lawyers

Protecting Your Rights After Averitt Express Accidents

Based in Tennessee, Averitt Express Inc is a trucking company that sends thousands of different vehicles across the country. Per a report from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in June of 2018, the company was cited for more than 1,300 violations over a two year period. 

These violations varied from maintenance problems and unsecure cargo to the release of hazardous materials. In that same period, the company’s trucks were in 420 crashes that caused 144 injuries and 12 deaths. 

In June of 2021, we still see hundreds of violations ranging from unsafe driving to driver fitness. When drivers and shipping companies ignore the duty of care we all owe each other on the road, it often results in severe injuries for others. 

When drivers experience Averitt Express accidents due to this negligence, it is essential to hold the negligent parties accountable. If you sustained an injury in a motor vehicle collision with a commercial vehicle, contact the auto accident attorneys at AP Law Group. 

Averitt Express Inc: Background on the Company


Averitt Express, Inc. is a major name in the trucking industry. The company works with over 5,400 drivers with over 4,500 vehicles on the road. Back in 2018, its drivers traveled an incredible 385,121,318 miles across the highways and freeways of the United States. 

While Averitt isn’t the largest transportation company in the country, it shares a sizable chunk of the market. Moreover, the company accounts for numerous severe and fatal collisions every year. 

In the two-year period prior to December 2019, the company’s trucks were involved in 413 collisions. Among these, there were 130 injuries and 9 deaths. 

Averitt Express Accidents: What Vehicles Are on the Ground?

Earlier, we referenced the FMCSA. This government agency works to reduce the number of collisions, injuries, and deaths that involve buses and large trucks. Working within the Department of Transportation, it regulates the trucking industry in the United States. 

One aspect of its mission is to gather information on trucking companies, storing it in a program called SAFER. This information is available to the public, so you have access to general information about the safety records of trucking companies.

With a total of 20,490 trucks on U.S. roads, Averitt’s drivers travel across the country with general freight, commodities, intermodal containers, and hazardous materials. 

The company owns three different forms of vehicles. Here’s a breakdown on their fleet.

  • Trailers – 15,444
  • Straight trucks – 44
  • Truck tractors – 5,002

Interpreting Safety Data

As we examine the safety data from the FMCSA, we gain insight into Averitt Express accidents. Unfortunately, Averitt drivers have been involved in a staggering number of accidents over the years, trending upwards from 2012 to 2019 and only slowly lowering in recent years. 

With these trends in mind and with an examination of their SAFER report, it seems clear that the drivers Averitt works with have a pattern of poor decision making. Oftentimes, truck drivers maintain extremely tight deadlines. This means they cut corners as they try to put more time on the road. 

Typically, drivers work long hours in order to meet these deadlines and make better pay. However, this often results in driver fatigue, distracted driving, and poor vehicle maintenance. Moreover, it is the responsibility of trucking companies to regularly inspect and address safety concerns. Additionally, it must ensure its drivers maintain accurate logs of their hours to avoid overwork. 

Throughout the trucking industry, companies are notorious for enforcing tight deadlines over safety. In some cases, they even encourage employed and independent truckers to falsify their logs. By doing so, the drivers work longer hours and arrive at the destination earlier. 

However, this is an incredibly dangerous practice. Long hours lead to fatigue, and studies show that fatigue has a similar impact to decision-making and reaction time as marijuana or alcohol. 

Additionally, keeping an 18-wheeler out of service in order to perform maintenance and inspections proves costly to truck drivers and trucking companies. 

With one less vehicle out on the road, that’s less money for the company. As such, the trucking industry has a pattern of behavior of foregoing maintenance. In fact, it’s not uncommon for trucks to fail federally mandated inspections. 

Protection for Texans Injured in Averitt Express Accidents

Averitt Express accidents, like any other trucking accident, have great potential for terrible injuries. Oftentimes, these cases are complex and difficult to navigate. As Houston truck accident attorneys, we strive to help injured Texans hold the liable accountable. 

Unfortunately, liability often isn’t clear in the trucking industry. While some truck drivers are employees of companies, others act as independent truckers. In order to maximize your settlement, our attorneys work diligently to investigate your case and determine all liable parties. 

In certain claims, companies and drivers share liability. For instance, the truck driver, company, and maintenance staff might all share blame for the accident if a poorly maintained company vehicle caused your accident. 

With this in mind, it’s clear why you need a Houston Averitt Express truck accident attorney to act as your advocate. When we work with truck accident victims, we perform a thorough investigation of your case and work to maximize your settlement. 

Contact AP Law Group After Averitt Express Accidents


At AP Law Group, we are your advocates against trucking companies and insurance providers. We offer personalized attention and aggressive representation to our clients because we understand the devastation that comes from commercial vehicle collisions. 

With access to experts and legal resources, we work to establish the liability in your claim and hold all liable parties accountable. As we investigate your case, we handle all communications and negotiations. Let us bear the weight of your case as you focus on your recovery. 

Contact our team today to schedule a free case evaluation with our Houston truck accident attorneys. Learn more about your legal options following Averitt Express accidents and see what we can do to help you fight for your future. 

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Averitt Express Accidents FAQ

How many accidents are caused by truck drivers?

Back in 2017, the number of large truck accidents amounted to over 150,000. On average, about half of these caused some type of injury. Because trucks weight anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds, there’s no wonder why injuries are so common. 

Despite accounting for about 5% of vehicles, commercial vehicles ar responsible for about 11% of traffic fatalities across the country. Unfortunately, these incidents occur in Texas more than any other state. 

When Averitt Express accidents knock you down, our lawyers are here to help you put your life back together. 

What are common truck accident injuries?

Due to the drastic different in the size and weight between 18 wheelers and standard passenger vehicles, victims of truck accidents often suffer more severe injuries in a collision. Here are some of the more common truck accident injuries that might result from Averitt Express accidents. 

Back and Neck Injuries

When a large commercial vehicle collides with a car, the impact alone is enough to cause a fatality. Oftentimes, those who survive truck crashes sustain strains to their muscles as well as ligament and tendon injuries. Moreover, they suffer damage to the soft tissue in the neck and back. 

The disc in your spin act as a shock absorber of sorts. However, when they sustain damage, they leak, swell, and herniate, which means they collapse. As the space between vertebrae narrows, they pinch nerves, leading to painful symptoms. 


From shattered glass to sharp metal and bending frames, there’s so much potential for severe lacerations as well as puncture wounds. In many cases, survivors of truck collisions suffer for an extended period. This is because they sustain disfiguring cuts across their bodies. 

Unfortunately, facial laceration are common and severe due to their visibility and exposure. 


When fires or explosions result from the impact, people suffer severe burn injuries. Additionally, there’s the potential for friction burns as you scrape against the interior of the vehicle. 

Moreover, when an accident ejects someone from the vehicle, they might scrape against the pavement. Burn injuries are a challenge to treat and may require surgery. 

Wrongful Death

Wongful deaths are an unfortunate reality in commercial vehicle collisions. When you lose a loved one to Averitt Express accidents, your family has the option to file a wrongful death claim to pursue compensation. 

Oftentimes, this compensation helps the surviving family members cover expenses and loss of income related to the loss of their loved one. Unfortunately, these cases are complex and often require multiple court proceedings. 

This is because insurance companies fight harder whenever the stakes are hire. After Averitt Express accidents, it’s important to remember your rights and legal options. Contact our team when you lose a loved one in a commercial truck accident. 

Head and Brain Injuries

One of the most common truck accident injuries is injury to the head and brain. Unfortunately, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) occur all too frequently. A TBI is a physical injury to the brain. In some cases, there are difficult to notice in regular CT scans or x-rays. 

As such, they require special brain imaging tests, which may only be used after symptoms develop. Symptoms of TBI include the following. 

  • Headaches
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Memory issues 
  • Mood problems

While they aren’t visible, head traumas are serious and have the potential to upend someone’s life.

Averitt Express Accidents and Personal Injury Claims

When you work with AP Law Group after Averitt Express Accidents, we immediately begin to investigate your commercial vehicle accident. Insurance companies and trucking companies act fast in order to conceal evidence and sweep these accidents under the rug. 

After a truck accident, you need advocates on your side to protect your future. We work with trained experts to determine liability in your case and hold them accountable for their negligence. 

When you need help with medical treatment, we help you seek the treatment you need. As we fight to maximize your settlement, we leave you the space you need to heal. 

Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation with a Houston truck accident attorney at AP Law Group. 

Remember, you pay nothing unless and until we win your case. 

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