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Our ABF Freight truck accident attorneys help injured Texans fight for a better future. ABF Freight System Inc. is an Arkansas-based shipping company. Moreover, they are among a select group of trucking companies rated for the transport of hazardous materials. As such, their 4,243 vehicles travel all across the United States. 

Per a report from the FMCSA in June 2018, the company was guilty of over 1,100 violations during a two-year period. These violations range from texting while driving and speeding to insufficient maintenance. With these negligent practices, they experienced 348 collisions in the same period. 

Among their victims, there were 170 injuries and 9 wrongful deaths. If you experience negligence at the hands of a commercial truck driver, schedule a free case evaluation with our attorneys today. 

ABF Freight Accident Statistics: The Danger By the Numbers

With drivers traveling millions of miles year over year, the trucks that ABF Freight manages see involvement in numerous accidents. As we mentioned above, the drivers regularly experience motor vehicle accidents, often resulting in injuries. 

While routine inspections of their drivers take some transport truckers off the road, it is rarely enough to enforce the duty of safety we owe each other on the road. For instance, in a given 24-month period where 2500+ drivers were inspected, 0.9% saw removal from service. This falls well below the national average at the time, which was 5.51%.

The vast majority of shipments managed by ABF Freight are LTL shipments. LTL here means “less than truckload,” which allows drivers to pick up additional cargo along specific routes. Over time, they consolidate it into a single load from multiple shippers. 

Additionally, the company offers U-Packing containers. With this service, the customer loads and unloads the cargo. As Houston ABF Freight accident attorneys, we understand how damaging negligence can be when a collision involves an 18-wheeler. 

The History of ABF Freight

Founded in Fort Smith, AR in 1923, the company started under the name OK Transfer. Over the years, they changed the name to Arkansas Motor Freight. By the 1940s, the local transporter grew into a regional carrier covering routes from Louisiana to Missouri. Since then, the company has evolved into a global provider of cargo delivery and supply chain solutions. 

While ABF Freight operates its business per the Department of Transportation’s rules and regulations, accidents continue to happen. As with many freight companies, ABF maintains a demanding schedule. Oftentimes, its drivers have tight deadlines, leading to poor decisions on the road.

Causes of ABF Freight Accidents


When it comes to truck wrecks, our Houston ABF Freight accident attorneys understand the devastation they cause. Generally speaking, 18-wheelers, semi-trucks, and even cargo vans weigh up to 80 tons with a full load. In the hands of a fatigued or stressed-out driver, a simple mistake leads to a catastrophic accident. 

Across the country, commercial truck accidents occur for a variety of reasons. However, certain reasons behind truck accidents are more prevalent than others. 

Driver Fatigue

In certain conditions, fatigued driving is as dangerous as drunk driving. When truck drivers spend most of their days behind the wheel, they often grow tired. In this state, it’s easy to make a careless mistake that endangers other motorists on the road. 

Fatigue has the potential to cause falling asleep, drifting across lanes, driving too fast, or failing to signal. 

Distracted Driving

Across the spectrum of motor vehicle accidents, distracted driving is a major cause of unsafe behavior. As Houston ABF Freight accident attorneys, we know that drivers often become distracted as they talk on the radio or phone or text with others. Moreover, some simply become complacent after spending hours on the road. 

Blind Spots

Due to the sheer size of these vehicles, it’s easy for untrained or inexperienced drivers to miss objects as they make turns or back up. This is because there are too many blind spots around the truck. 

Improper Loading or Unloading

It is essential that workers load and position cargo correctly. They have to allow balance for the weight and distribution of the freight inside of the trailer, container, or flatbed. With poorly positioned or secured loads, the cargo shifts unexpectedly. In turn, it’s difficult for the driver to safely navigate the road. 

Mechanical Issues

Defective parts in vehicles range from tires and brake pads to signals. When these parts malfunction, they cause terrible accidents on the road. A lack of maintenance is a major aspect of dangerous driving conditions, putting the driver and others on the road in severe danger.

Texas: a Leader in Trucking Accidents


There are more large truck accidents in Texas than in any other state. Looking back to 2017, 150,000+ truck collisions occurred in that year alone. On average, about half of these accidents resulted in injuries. Unfortunately, over 4,500 people died in these collisions. 

Despite accounting for a mere 5% of the vehicles in the United States at the time, commercial vehicles were responsible for around 11% of deaths. As Houston ABF Freight accident attorneys, we understand how these collisions impact someone’s life. 

In an instant, life changes forever. The catastrophic nature of 18-wheeler truck accidents leads to significant injuries, such as the following. 

  • Brain injuries 
  • Burn injuries
  • Blunt force trauma 
  • Neck and back injuries 
  • Orthopedic conditions 
  • PTSD – Post-traumatic stress disorder

With millions of sem-trucks and other commercial vehicles on the road, truck safety is a matter of public health. This is especially true because many of these accidents are preventable. Trucking companies with a history of truck collisions are more likely to cause further injury and death in the future. 

When you experience an injury in a commercial vehicle collision, contact the Houston ABF Freight accident lawyers at AP Law Group. At your free case evaluation, we help you understand your options. 

How to Recover After an ABF Freight Accident


After a truck accident, companies like ABF Freight System Inc immediately send investigators. The job of these investigators is to protect the company from liability. From truck drivers to regular motorists, victims deserve advocates who investigate and preserve evidence that protects their claim. 

As Houston ABF Freight accident attorneys, that’s how we help you fight for your future. When someone’s negligence causes you harm, we pour our resources into your claim. With personalized strategies and aggressive representation, we fight to protect your future. 

That’s what we provide as your advocates. When you work with our team, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means you pay nothing for our services unless and until we win your case. 

This allows you to focus on healing and recovery while we focus on protecting your future. Schedule a free consultation with our team. See how we can fight for your future. 

Houston ABF Freight Accident Lawyers FAQ

Why do commercial vehicle accidents happen?

Long-haul truck drivers face a hard life. Oftentimes, shipping companies pay their drivers by the mile. This means the drivers don’t receive pay for the vital work they do off the road. In addition to operating the truck, drivers have to do the following.  

  • Take rest time mandated by federal regulations
  • Submit to inspections
  • Wait for loading and unloading of cargo
  • Map out their routes
  • Drive empty trucks to get new loads

All this additional work nets them no pay. This forces drivers to stay on the road, driving for as long and as fast as possible. All this is because they want to make ends meet. 

On certain days, truck drivers even spend more on meals and gas than they earn driving. As a result, drivers learn to “work around” hours of service regulations. In some cases, this leads drivers to use two logbooks, which allows them to appear compliant at roadside inspections. 

As they stay on the road for longer periods of time, they create dangerous conditions for everyone on the road. Some experts estimate that one out of eight truck collisions relates directly to driver fatigue. 

However, this number grows when you consider the fact that most drivers don’t voluntarily admit to fatigue after an accident. As Houston ABF Freight accident attorneys, though, we understand that around 1 of 4 trucking fatalities happen after a driver hauls for over 17 hours. 

How do people rebuild their future after an ABF Freight accident?

At AP Law Group, we dedicate ourselves to every claim. We want to help injured Texans fight for a better future. Truck collisions have the potential to alter your life completely. Moreover, the financial burden of the accident often extends well beyond recovery. 

That’s why we help Houston drivers in the fight against trucking companies when their bad practices lead to severe injuries and fatalities. 

  • Lost wages
  • Medical bills
  • Property damage 
  • Reduced earning capacity 
  • Physical therapy and extended medical care
  • Other applicable damages

After a truck accident, the company sends out its investigation team. They seek to cover their liability and keep the accident quiet. You deserve an advocate willing to fight for a real investigation. 

As Houston ABF Freight accident attorneys, we seek out the real cause of an incident to determine liability. Moreover, we work to preserve evidence and build your claim. 

When you experience a commercial truck accident, you deserve aggressive representation to hold the company accountable. We cover your case from start to finish. Every expense and fee comes out of our pocket until we win your settlement. 

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