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June 24, 2021

Amica Claims: The Secret to Successful Claims

When you want to maximize Amica claims after an accident, call on the advocates at AP Law Group.

Following a car accident, insurance companies try to pay you far less than you deserve. Bills for medical expenses, car repairs, and more pile up, while the insurance company pressures you to accept a lowball offer.

In these situations, it can be difficult to find the right attorney to suit your needs. AP Law Group has a long history of settling claims with Amica, and we aren’t afraid to fight for you.

Insurance companies do everything they can to lower the payout on your claim. They trick you into settling for less than your claim is truly worth. Below are some of the common tactics Amica uses.


Don’t Give a Recorded Statement

When you submit any Amica claims, the insurance adjuster will ask you to provide a recorded statement. This may seem like an innocent request, but anything you say in this statement can be used against you. By taking things out of context, insurance companies can significantly lower your payout.

When you give a recorded statement, the insurance adjuster may greet you by asking how you are doing. If you respond that you are “fine,” this is used as proof that your injuries were minor and you do not need as much money.

You are not required to provide a recorded statement, no matter how simple it may seem. Instead, direct the insurance adjuster to speak with your attorney.


Be Careful With Your Words When You Speak to an Insurance Company

When speaking with an insurance adjuster, you should always be careful. In many states, it is legal to record a conversation so long as one party is aware of it. Your conversation could be recorded, even if you are not aware.

Anything that you say to an insurance adjuster can and will be used against you. Never answer any questions about the accident, or about your medical treatment, unless you have been otherwise advised by your attorney.


Insurance Companies Use Your Words Against You

What you say to an insurance adjuster matters, even if you misspeak or your circumstances change later. For example, you might tell the insurance adjuster that your injuries are minor, but later find out about complications that require more medical care.

The insurance company then uses your initial statement, stating that the injuries are minor, to calculate your compensation. Even though your circumstances changed, they will use the information that most benefits them.

Companies like Amica do not exist to help you, but to make money. To ensure that you receive fair compensation, direct all communication through your attorney.


Do Your Medical Bills Matter?

You may think that your medical bills determine the value of your Amica claims. Actually, it is common for insurance companies to hire their own medical professionals; they determine how much your treatment ‘should’ have cost, thus minimizing your compensation.

AP Law Group fights for the true value of your claim. Medical expenses from a car accident should be covered by your insurance company, and we can prove that you deserve compensation.

Insurance companies use biased medical professionals to cheat you out of your compensation. We know how to fight against these underhanded tactics.


Your Claim Is Often Worth More Than You Think


It seems easy to calculate the value of your Amica accident claims, but there are more factors involved than you may think. Car accidents are expensive.

You may be tempted to combine your medical and auto repair bills to determine the value of your claim, but this does not account for every variable.


Additional Expenses to Consider


You need to consider every expense involved. If your injuries require further treatment, your Amica claims must account for future medical bills, not just current ones. If the accident causes you to miss work, lost wages are a vital part of your claim.

Without a working car, you might need to pay for a rental car or other transportation. Do you have children or pets? You may need a babysitter or pet-sitter while you recover. Certain injuries may necessitate a maid or cleaner to help out with household chores.

When calculating the value of a claim, it is important to consider the various expenses involved. AP Law Group can help you receive the true value of your Amica accident claims.


Should You Accept Their First Offer for Amica Claims?


Insurance companies want you to accept their first offer. This is a lowball estimate designed to save the company money. Even if Amica frames it as ‘all-or-nothing,’ know that a good attorney can always help to raise the estimate on your claim.

By accepting an offer, you are waiving your right to seek additional compensation. You should always discuss your claim with an attorney before accepting any offer.

An insurance company’s first offer is never the best offer available. Insurance companies are designed to give you the lowest amount possible so that they can save money. It takes careful negotiation to win the full value of your Amica claims.

First offers never cover the real value of your Amica accident claims. Experienced attorneys, like the ones at AP Law Group, can provide important advice and help you reach the compensation you deserve.


How Amica Justifies Lowball Settlement Offers


Amica has tricky ways to lower the payout on your Amica accident claims. They buy out your hospital lien, paying far less than it is worth, and then use this lower price to calculate the value of your claim.

Even if you pay tens of thousands of dollars, Amica buys this lien at a fraction of the price. This lower price is then used to justify a lowball offer. The right attorney knows how to fight against this tactic, preventing insurance companies from cheating you out of compensation on your Amica claims.


When to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit


It is not always possible for our attorneys to negotiate a favorable settlement outside of court. If Amica will not offer proper payment, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Litigation is a difficult process. Although many cases resolve out of court in pre-trial settlements, this is not possible for every case. If a case makes it to trial, it is especially important to have an experienced litigator working in your best interest.


Amica Claims & Houston Car Accident Lawyers


After a car wreck, insurance companies give you lowball offers and attempt to justify low payouts. A skilled attorney can fight for your compensation to cover the true value of your claim.

At AP Law Group, we are here to win for you. With extensive experience against large insurance companies like Amica, our attorneys get results. We know the real value of Amica claims and fight for our clients to receive full compensation.

We work on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay us nothing until we win. Call us at 713-913-GOAP to schedule your free consultation today. Don’t let Amica pay less than you deserve. AP Law Group is here to help you!

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