Work InjuriesWork Injury? Here’s What You Need to Do

June 23, 2021

Have you been injured in the workplace? Not all workplace injuries are physical, but these types of injuries inevitably leave either physical or psychological scars. While we all hope that each day on the job is peaceful and uneventful, you can never know when and how fate might intervene. The only thing that you can truly do to protect yourself from workplace injury is to know your rights and know how to get compensated if you get hurt.


Getting the Help You Need to Get Compensated


The first step to get the compensation you deserve is to get in contact with a qualified attorney. Workplace injury attorneys know what it takes to get compensated for injuries sustained at work, and they will fight for your right to receive just compensation. When you’ve been injured, the last thing that you want is to go it alone, and workplace injury attorneys can be the friends that you need in these trying times.


Types of Workplace Injuries



  • Road Paving Injuries: These types of injuries are more common than you would think. Road paving is a physically demanding job, and it involves many different kinds of heavy equipment. If you have sustained road paving injuries and you believe that these injuries occurred because of faulty equipment or employer negligence, reach out to an attorney right away.
  • Agricultural Equipment Accidents: Agricultural equipment is heavy, and it is prone to faults just like any other type of heavy equipment. If you’ve been on the receiving end of agricultural equipment accidents, it’s likely that you’ll be able to successfully receive compensation. Reach out to an attorney to learn how.
  • Electrocution Injuries:If you’re an electrician or a line worker, electrocution injuries are a real danger. Get in touch with an attorney without delay if you feel you’ve received an electrocution injury due to employer negligence.
  • Hospital Injuries: Patients aren’t the only people who can become injured at hospitals. Nurses, doctors, and hospital staff can also receive wrongful hospital injuries, and legal recourse is available to anyone who has received a hospital injury that was the fault of the hospital administration.
  • Construction Site Accident: Construction sites are one of the more obvious culprits when it comes to injuries. With steel beams flying around, heavy equipment in use, and power tools everywhere, enduring a construction site accident isn’t uncommon. However, those injured on construction sites always have the option of seeking injury compensation.
  • Toxic Mold / Sick Building Syndrome: If you’ve worked in sub-par conditions, it’s possible that you’ve been exposed to toxic mold / sick building syndrome (SBS). This condition occurs when the occupants of a building experience health crises associated with their place of residence or work. If your employer has allowed you to work in conditions that are patently unsafe, you usually have a case that you can bring before a judge. Get in touch with a qualified work injury lawyer to take the first steps.
  • Asbestos / Mesothelioma: The dangers of asbestos have been known for decades. The asbestos / mesothelioma relationship is now fully understood by medical practitioners and judges, and you should seriously consider pursuing compensation if you’ve been afflicted by this disease. While there may be no cure for mesothelioma, at least you can be adequately compensated for your wrongful pain and suffering.



Other Ways You Can Be Wronged in the Workplace



Not all types of workplace injury involve visits to the hospital. Some types of injury may infringe on your personal sovereignty while others may involve wrongful impositions on your ability to work. Some of these types of workplace issues include:


  • Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment is when a superior takes advantage of a position of power or a coworker solicits sex in a way that isn’t reciprocated. Both men and women can be subjected to this type of harassment, and being sexually attacked in the workplace can be so uncomfortable that it makes doing your job impossible. If you feel like you’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace, work injury lawyers can help you get compensated.
  • Wrongful Terminations: Workers sometimes deserve to be fired, but sometimes they don’t. If you’ve been fired for reasons other than your job performance, it’s likely that you’ll be able to receive compensation. Wrongful terminations have no place in an ethical workplace, and judges tend to understand that fact.
  • EEOC Claims: In addition to litigating your case in court, work injury attorneys can also help you file EEOC claims. You can file one of these claims if you feel that you have been discriminated in the workplace for reasons of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, or disability.
  • Workplace Fairness: Work injury lawyers can also help you if workplace fairness issues have taken place during your tenure at a business. In many cases, compensation is available to those who have received unfair treatment in their place of work.



You Deserve to Be Compensated


Never forget that it’s your right to be compensated for injuries you sustain in the workplace. In many cases, the worst thing about being injured is feeling powerless. In addition to being subjected to physical and psychological pain, workplace injuries also often rob you of your livelihood, which can make you feel like you’ll never be whole again.


Workplace injury attorneys are standing by to empower you with the compensation you deserve. No matter how seemingly slight your injury, you should always get in contact with a qualified attorney to consider your options. Don’t let your injury push you into the shadows; grasp onto the relief you deserve by exploring your legal options in fullness.


Why Do Accidents Happen in the Workplace?


There are a number of reasons why you might experience a workplace injury. In many cases, the employer or the proprietor of the business is the person who is at fault. If this is the case, the ways in which the business owner can be at fault include:


  • Failure to properly train employees
  • Failure to maintain a safe working environment
  • Failure to adequately supervise employees
  • Failure to provide adequate safety equipment



However, the employee is often at least partially at fault in many cases. This shared fault scenario is one of the main reasons why it’s so essential that you team up with a qualified legal team who will represent your case with expertise and intelligence. Otherwise, you could end up biting more than you can chew if you decide to pursue a workplace injury settlement.


Get in Touch with a Competent Attorney


The most important thing you can do to get compensated for your injury is to find a legal team who are dedicated to your cause. As you consider your options in terms of legal assistance, don’t be afraid to ask hard questions and straightforwardly test the waters to ensure that you’ll be represented effectively.


When you’re injured on the job, being adequately compensated can be an incredibly important issue both financially and psychologically. Don’t leave anything to chance, and make sure that you get in touch with a workplace injury lawyer who is qualified to help you as soon as possible.

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