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Our Houston UPS Truck Accident Lawyers know how to hold the liable accountable. 

As online orders and home deliveries rise, it puts more delivery vehicles out on the road. Per a 2019 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 1.5 million delivery truck drivers were active throughout the United States. As one of the largest independent delivery companies, UPS trucks are out in droves. 

If you experience a commercial truck accident, contact our attorneys to learn more about your rights and options. 

Commercial Vehicle Accidents and Houston Drivers

Commercial vehicle drivers and the delivery systems of these companies often operate in unpredictable ways. This leaves Houston drivers open to collisions with UPS trucks as they rush to meet delivery deadlines. 

When you experience a commercial truck accident with a UPS delivery driver in Houston, you might be eligible for compensation. With the help of a motor vehicle accident attorney, you have the potential to gain the compensation you deserve. 

At AP Law Group, our Houston UPS truck accident lawyers know auto accident law and are available to help you after an accident. We understand how dangerous commercial truck accidents are. That’s why we strive to recover maximum compensation for your case as you focus on healing. 

Trust in the motor vehicle accident team at AP Law Group to guide you through the process. With our expertise, we negotiate on your behalf with UPS and their insurance companies. 

After an accident, you need an advocate. With our UPS accident attorneys, Houston drivers have an advocate to fight for their future!

UPS Truck Accidents in Houston


With the growing dependency on deliveries and the elevated expectations of consumers, delivery companies like UPS now handle far more truck deliveries. Unfortunately, this increase in demand places UPS drivers under severe pressure to meet strict deadlines. 

More unfortunately, when an auto accident involves a commercial delivery vehicle, simple mistakes often carry fatal consequences. 

Commercial Truck Collisions

As Houston UPS truck accident lawyers, we understand the devastation that comes from truck accidents. From commercial delivery vehicles to 18-wheelers, trucks are heavy. This means that the impact of a truck in an auto accident is often catastrophic. 

After a UPS truck accident, people often sustain severe injuries. At times, people even lose a loved one in an accident or afterward due to extreme injury. 

When the pain of an accident weighs you down, it’s hard to find the energy to fight. After a truck accident, you need an advocate you trust to fight for you. With a Houston UPS truck accident attorney, you have someone to help you meet your needs and gain compensation from the liable parties. 

What to Do After a UPS Truck Accident


When you experience a UPS truck accident in Houston, your mind fills with anxiety and worry. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the idea of medical costs, property repairs, and others. How do you get the compensation you deserve? 

Perhaps your insurance helps you cover some of the damage. However, what do you do when it doesn’t cover enough? 

As Houston UPS truck accident lawyers, we want to provide you with some key advice. What you do after a commercial truck accident has a significant impact on your ability to collect compensation for damages. Here are a few key steps to follow once you compose yourself.  

Survey the Scene of the Accident

Whenever able, it’s important to survey the accident. When you can move after a car wreck, call 911 immediately and look for survivors. Avoid moving people away from the accident when you don’t know the extent of their injuries. 

Additionally, stay aware of oncoming vehicles to avoid further damage. At this time, the most important thing is the safety and health of anyone involved in the accident. 

When you can’t move your vehicle to the side of the road, turn on your hazard lights. If you have cones or warning triangles, place them around the accident to secure the scene. 

Gather Contact Information

There’s some information that’s essential for your claim. 

  • License plates
  • Names
  • Phone numbers 
  • Insurance information and policy numbers 

However, it’s important to compose yourself and avoid conflict. Moreover, do not engage with the UPS delivery driver too much. It’s possible for their legal team to use your words against you later. 

Instead, direct the UPS driver and insurance representatives to your Houston UPS truck accident lawyer. 

Gather Evidence

Use your phone to document the scene with photos and videos. Ensure that you document the damage to both vehicles as well as the surrounding property. Document the license plates of vehicles, your injuries, and the conditions of the road. 

With the proper evidence, we work to reconstruct the scene later. This helps us determine the true cause of the accident. Once we determine this, we look at all potential avenues for compensation. 

Seek Medical Attention

Even when you feel fine, it’s important to establish a medical record. Seek medical treatment immediately. Oftentimes, injuries seem minor only for symptoms to develop later. 

With medical attention, you uncover potential issues. Additionally, you establish a stronger tie between the injuries and the accident. 

When you wait too long to go to a doctor, it gives the opposing insurance company an opportunity to claim your injuries do not connect to the collision. 

Contact a Houston UPS Truck Accident Attorney

As soon as possible, contact a Houston personal injury attorney. With a free case evaluation, you have an advocate to help you gather evidence and file all the right paperwork. If you choose to handle the truck accident claim on your own, be sure to do research. 

Often, people hesitate to work with a truck accident attorney. Unfortunately, they believe the cost is too high. However, AP Law Group works on a contingency fee basis

You pay nothing until we win your case!

Schedule a free case evaluation to learn more about your options. 

Choose an Advocate Who Fights


When you need an advocate on your side, you need Houston UPS truck accident lawyers who offer personalized attention and aggressive representation.  While hiring an attorney is the last thing on your mind following a truck accident, it’s essential to have proper representation to fight for your best interests. 

When you work with AP Law Group, we listen to your story and help you fight for your future. We understand how intimidating it feels to face insurance companies. That’s why we strive to help people attain the compensation they deserve. 

If an insurance company undervalues your injuries, we take the fight to court. Schedule a consultation with our team today. Let us show you how our expertise and spirit help you gain the compensation you need. 

Houston UPS Truck Accident Lawyers FAQ

Who is liable after a Houston UPS Accident?

When a UPS delivery driver hits you, their insurance company investigates the case to determine liability. Similarly, our Houston UPS truck accident lawyers conduct an independent investigation. 

To establish fault and liability, we need evidence that someone acted negligently or willfully in a way that caused the truck accident. Common examples include the following. 

  • Distracted driving 
  • Fatigue 
  • Failure to maintain the vehicle 
  • Malfunction 
  • Failure to follow traffic rules

The UPS Driver

When the accident occurs due to negligence, the UPS driver is the first responsible party. Typically, truck drivers have an insurance policy that covers liability. Often, this is enough to cover injuries and property damage from a commercial vehicle accident. 

In this instance, your Houston commercial driver accident attorneys work to calculate a fair settlement for your damages. From there, we enter negotiations with the insurance provider. 


In certain cases, UPS steps in to cover certain expenses. Typically, this happens when the cost of your injuries and damages exceeds the driver’s policy. 

With an experienced personal injury lawyer, you might fight for compensation from UPS. Often, this means there is direct evidence that shows the company impacted the events leading up to the accident. Unfortunately, these issues are rarely straightforward. 

Based on the driver’s scope of employment, UPS at times denies compensation to cover costs. Here are a few such scenarios. 

  • The driver is out to lunch at the time of the accident. 
  • Personal time, such as after a shift is over. 
  • The driver operates the vehicle outside of work hours. 
How do people recover after UPS truck accidents?

At AP Law Group, our motor vehicle accidents fight to help injured Texans recover. A truck accident is enough to alter someone’s life. Moreover, the financial cost extends far beyond recovery. 

As Houston UPS truck accident lawyers, we help Houston drivers fight for compensation when a commercial driver causes an accident. 

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Extended medical care
  • Other applicable damages

After a truck accident, companies often send out someone to investigate. They want to cover their liability and ensure the accident stays quiet. As a victim, you deserve an advocate who uncovers the true cause of an accident. 

After UPS truck accidents, we provide drivers with aggressive representation to hold the liable accountable. As a team, we cover your case from start to finish. You pay nothing until we win your case. 

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