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18-wheeler truck accidents are no laughing matter. Con-Way Freight accidents are no exception. As Houston truck accident attorneys, we know the devastation these accidents cause all too well. In a split second, lives change forever. 

When someone’s negligence leads to an accident that impacts your life, you have rights. Trust in AP Law Group to be the advocates you need. Schedule a free case evaluation to learn more about your legal options.

Con-Way Transportation Truck Accidents: What to Know

Con-Way Transportation is one of the largest freight companies in North America. As such, the company has annual revenue in the billions. This transportation company offers full truckload delivery (FTL), LTL delivery (less-than-truckload), logistics, warehousing, and supply chain services. They operate in over 500 locations across 20 countries. 

Anyone who experiences Con-Way freight accidents understands the catastrophic nature of truck collisions. If you experience an accident of this kind, you have advocates at AP Law Group. We provide personalized attention and aggressive representation to maximize your settlement. 

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About Con-Way Transportation

Con-Way Freight has an extensive history. Founded in 1929 in Portland, Oregon, it began as Consolidated Truck Lines. Through the 1930s, it grew from a local transportation company to a regional cargo service. In this time, the company expanded its routes across the nation. In 1996, they renamed as Consolidated Freightways until it filed for bankruptcy in 2002. 

In 2004, the company reopened under a new brand – Con-Way Transportation. Today, the headquarters is in Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

Con-Way Freight Accidents: By the Numbers

Based in Ann Arbor, Con-Way Freight operates across the United States as an LTL carrier. The company utilizes 8,906 vehicles to facilitate deliveries across the country. Unfortunately, 1 in 8 vehicles has a citation for a safety violation. These citations range from inadequate maintenance and low oil to breaking rules regarding hazardous materials.

Moreover, the company carries a severe collision record per a 2018 report from the FMCSA. The report covers a 2-year period that offers an enlightening look at the importance of safety standards. In that time, Con-Way Freight accidents included 634 collisions with 258 injuries. Sadly, it also included 24 fatalities.  

In order to maintain safety on the roads, the FMCSA and U.S. DOT require routine inspections. At one time, these organizations removed 280 trucks from the service fleet. Moreover, they removed 35 drivers. This represented 7.8% of the total fleet, which fell below the national average of 20%. 

The Dangers of Con-Way Freight Accidents and Commercial Truck Accidents

From lesser-known trucking companies to FedEx and Amazon, commercial vehicles pose a danger to other drivers. Let’s take a look at 2017. In that year alone, there were 150,000 collisions with large trucks. Among these accidents, over 4500 people died. Additionally, over 75,000 people sustained injuries. 

Unfortunately, many of these accidents occurred in Texas. Why are Texas roads so dangerous? How do commercial truck accidents cause so much loss? When large trucks account for less than 5% of the vehicles on American highways, how do they cause up to 11% of the deaths on the road?

Catastrophic Injuries from Truck Accidents

The main issue for truck accidents is the sheer size difference. Oftentimes, commercial trucks weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds. Conversely, the average sedan weighs roughly 4,000 pounds. 

The average car on the road is no match for a commercial vehicle. Even modern cars with excellent safety features don’t stand up to the size difference. Typically, companies design cars for collisions with other passenger vehicles. 

Unfortunately, this means the majority of truck-related deaths involve the occupants of passenger vehicles. Those fortunate enough to survive rarely do so without a catastrophic injury. 

Trucking Companies: Dangers on the Road

Con-Way Freight accidents are not the only concern for drivers. Similar trucking companies tend to design their hiring practices to burn out drivers. Often, drivers ignore time-consuming or restrictive regulations to stay on the road. Why? 

Oftentimes, truck drivers receive pay based on mileage, not time. This means that drivers who stop for regulatory breaks take longer but don’t earn more. Moreover, they often have tight deadlines.

When a company forces workers to earn their paycheck in miles, they award long hours and a lack of sleep. Per regulations, truck drivers need to limit their time on the road. Regulated breaks keep them fresh and aware. 

Because drivers receive pay-by-mile agreements, they often skip these breaks. Additionally, they cut corners as they load cargo, often causing sudden shifts in weight distribution on the road. 

Essential Non-Driving Tasks

While non-driving tasks seem minimal, they are vital for safety. The following are examples of essential tasks that drivers receive no pay for. 

  • Mapping out routes 
  • Waiting for crews to load/unload cargo 
  • Mandated rest breaks 
  • Rig inspections 
  • Picking up new loads

When drivers skip breaks, it leads to fatigue. On the road, fatigue leads to truck accidents. Con-Way Freight accidents are no different. Generally, experts attribute about 1 out of 7 truck collisions to fatigue. Additionally, about 1 in 4 fatalities in truck accidents occurred after a driver spent over 17 hours on the road. 

Sleep researchers also believe that moderate fatigue causes noticeable impairments in drivers. Still, lobbyists for truck companies refuse to allow doctors to screen drivers for certain conditions. This includes sleep apnea. 

Unfortunately, shipping companies like Con-Way design this culture of hard-driving on purpose. It ensures drivers improve their profitability at the expense of their own health. Moreover, they do so at the expense of others on the road. 

Among the 4,500 or so deaths that occur yearly due to large vehicles, roughly 700 are truck drivers themselves. 

Rebuild Your Life with Con-Way Freight Accidents Attorneys

At AP Law Group, we help Texans rebuild their lives after commercial vehicle accidents. Whether they experience Con-Way Freight accidents or a collision with another brand, they have rights. 

When you sustain an injury from a truck wreck, you have rights. Our truck accident attorneys are ready to help you rebuild without costing you a dime upfront. How do we do this? 

Our legal team covers the cost of your case from start to settlement. We work on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay nothing unless we win your case. With the costs of the investigation and filing covered, you have nothing to lose. 

If you sustained an injury in a Con-Way Transportation accident, you have rights. Moreover, you have legal options. The negligent practices that led to your injury make someone responsible. When you work with us, our job is to hold them accountable. 

Schedule a free case evaluation to learn more about the potential of your settlement. Contact our team today. 

Con-Way Freight Accidents FAQ

What causes collisions like Con-Way Freight accidents?

What causes collisions like Con-Way Freight accidents?

The primary duty of a trucking company and its drivers is to practice safety on the road. Additionally, they must maintain the vehicles adequately. On the road, we all owe each other a duty of care. For truck drivers, it is essential that their full attention is on the roadways and their surroundings. 

Moreover, the job requires years of experience and training in order to handle these large vehicles. When companies and drivers practice negligence, it leads to catastrophic accidents. Unfortunately, this involves severe injuries and wrongful deaths. 

Numerous factors contribute to collisions like Con-Way Freight accidents. Here are a few examples. 

Excessive Speeding

Because drivers earn pay per mile, they often drive at excessive speeds. The leading cause of major accidents with large commercial vehicles is speeding. Generally, driving too fast reduces the amount of time a trucker has to react to unexpected situations. 

Unfortunately, this means they have no chance to react to obstacles or changes on the road. 

Fatigued Driving

With such tight deadlines, it’s easy for fatigue to set in. When people feel tired behind the wheel, it impairs their ability to drive. For truck drivers, this puts tons of weight in the hands of someone too tired to wield it. 

Reckless Driving

Oftentimes, companies and drivers are reckless or negligent in their actions and practices. For drivers, these range from improperly passing or turning to failure to obey traffic laws. 

With companies, this often extends to a lack of appropriate maintenance as well as improper training. 


Defective parts have the potential to result in accidents. From defective tires to axles, it puts everyone on the road in danger. This points to why regular maintenance and inspections are essential. 

Adverse Weather Conditions or Roadways

Often, inexperienced drivers make extremely dangerous decisions in poor conditions. This puts other motorists and their passengers in danger. Whether they drive too fast on slick roads or don’t watch their space in tight construction areas, it leads to problems for other drivers. 

Impair Driving – DWI or DUI Driving

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) or under the influence (DUI) causes impairment. Often, this means truck drivers have limited control over their vehicles. These illegal and reckless actions have too much potential to cause devastation. 

What do truck accident attorneys do to help me recover?

In short, we fight to protect your future and seek to maximize your settlement. After a truck accident, shippers mobilize teams to weaken your case. This team includes their lawyers, insurance provider, and investigators. Their team puts together evidence to shift blame to you. Then, they ignore all evidence that shows their negligence. 

If you don’t preserve evidence against the company, you lose your case. This causes major problems in your future. With our Con-Way Freight accidents attorneys, you have advocates on your side. 

The only way to hold trucking companies accountable is to win your case. With our attorneys, you have someone to force them to compensate you for the losses you incur. 

These companies have vast resources. You deserve the same. When you work with truck accident attorneys, you have investigators to protect your side of the story. As we work to maximize your settlement, we help you cover your losses. Moreover, we help you rebuild for a stronger future. 

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