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What We Do For You When You've Been In An Amazon Truck Accident.

An Amazon truck accident is an unfortunate reality. Across the globe, people know Amazon for its speedy delivery and vast selection. Moreover, their former CEO is one of the richest people in the world. With billions of packages delivered on an annual basis, drivers have to meet tight deadlines. 

When this leads to a collision, our Houston Amazon truck accident lawyers are available to handle these claims. When you or a loved one sustains an injury in a collision with an Amazon delivery truck, you have options. AP Law Group represents injury commercial truck accident victims. 

While you recover, we fight to pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact our law firm today to hold the liable accountable. 

Houston Amazon Truck Accident Lawyers

Although the number of packages delivered continues to expand, turnaround times only seem to improve. If you buy something from Amazon, the speed of delivery is often astounding. Beyond a simple online retailer, Amazon is now one of the largest shipping companies across the globe. 

In the past, Amazon packages arrived through the mail or UPS. Today, you’re more likely to see an Amazon delivery truck pulling up to your house. This is through a division of the company known as Amazon Logistics. 

Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics is the shipping and delivery division of the corporate giant. In recent years, the size and scope expanded rapidly. Today, it not only rivals but often outshines UPS and FedEx – two of the largest traditional carriers in the United States. 

In 2019, the company delivered roughly 3.5 billion packages globally. Last year, that number only soared higher. Over time, this number is sure to climb more and more. How does Amazon Logistics compare to other major carriers, though? 

At 3.5 billion packages, Amazon surpassed FedEx, which delivers a little over 3 billion packages each year. However, UPS still delivers more, operating at around 5.2 billion deliveries. Still, these numbers are likely to change as Amazon Logistics seems to double its volume year over year. 

What does this mean for Houston drivers? Unfortunately, the substantial increase in deliveries coupled with the still tightening turnaround times amounts to more collisions on the road. 

Amazon Truck Accidents

With the explosive growth of its logistics division, Amazon sees an increase in the number of Amazon delivery truck accidents and auto accidents. Collectively, Amazon delivery drivers log millions of miles each day. Oftentimes, they also operate in high-risk areas such as side streets in neighborhoods or driveways where kids play and neighbors jog. 

Under any conditions, this level of driving in these areas holds the potential for an array of accidents. When you add the pressure these drivers are under, there’s no wonder why people sustain serious injuries in Amazon truck accidents. 

Unfortunately, tracking statistics of Amazon delivery truck accidents is next to impossible. In part, this is because a company like Amazon Logistics utilizes third-party, independent contractors in their delivery network. 

For instance, when you see white vans rolling through your neighborhood, they aren’t necessarily employees of Amazon. In these situations, the company’s name does not appear in accident claims. 

In a 2019 report by ProPublica, an investigation found that the company escapes liability for wrongful deaths and severe injuries. However, they somehow retain their tight grip on how third-party drivers operate. Through their report, ProPublica revealed at least 10 fatal Amazon truck accidents over a 4-year period. The actual number may be substantially higher. 

Compared to a car accident, delivery truck accidents cause more serious damage and more severe injuries. This is because delivery vans are heavier and larger than typical motor vehicles. As such, the impact is far greater. 

When you are the victim of a commercial vehicle accident, our Houston Amazon truck accident lawyers are here to fight for your future. Let our personal injury lawyers help you hold the liable accountable. Schedule a free case evaluation today. 

Amazon Truck Accidents and Personal Injury Lawsuits

When you sustain an injury in an accident caused by an Amazon delivery driver, you might wonder whether you can sue Amazon. Oftentimes, it’s not possible to sue Amazon directly when your collision is with a third-party driver. Still, our Houston Amazon truck accident lawyers focus on finding who to hold accountable and pursuing the compensation you deserve. 

We fight to ensure you receive a good settlement. Whether Amazon Logistics or an independent contractor is responsible or liable, they become our focus. Amazon requires drivers and delivery contractors to carry a high level of insurance. When they cause your injury, we hold them accountable. 

Why Can't I Sue Amazon?

Whether you see a white van dropping off Amazon packages or a branded van, they are likely independent contractors. Amazon Logistics partners with local Delivery Service Partners to complete its deliveries. Although they operate out of Amazon depots, these DSPs employ the drivers and help deliver packages to customers. 

Oftentimes, these drivers are also independent contractors. This means that the defendant in Amazon truck accidents typically isn’t Amazon. Rather, it’s the delivery contractor operating within their network. Many of these companies are small local delivery businesses. 

Despite the logo on the van and the firm grasp on how they operate, they are independent of Amazon. Unfortunately, this allows Amazon to avoid direct liability for Amazon truck accidents. 

Who We Hold Accountable for Amazon Truck Accidents

Typically, the responsible party in accidents involving Amazon delivery trucks or vans is the contractor – not Amazon. However, the fact that the company is not directly liable doesn’t mean you cannot pursue financial compensation for your accident. Amazon requires delivery contractors to carry a certain amount of liability insurance in case of accidents. 

Independent contractors who deliver for the company carry Amazon Flex Insurance. This policy provides drivers with liability coverage of $1 million. Moreover, the policy covers damages and injuries caused to individuals with limits of $1 million per accident. 

This policy is similar to the type of liability coverage that many trucking companies carry. What this means for victims of delivery truck accidents is that there’s at least $1 million in coverage from which to collect damages. However, there is one catch. 

Amazon Flex Insurance only applies when the accident occurs while the driver is “on the clock.” After they complete their deliveries for the day, Flex Insurance does not cover any accidents that occur. 

What If the Amazon Flex Coverage Isn’t Enough?

Oftentimes, the $1 million in liability coverage that Amazon Flex Insurance provides more than enough to cover damages from Amazon truck accidents. This is true for roughly 95% of car accident cases. Even cases with severe injuries such as a fractured leg rarely have a settlement that reaches $1 million. However, there are certain cases in which the damages easily exceed this limit. 

In these cases, our Houston Amazon truck accident lawyers work with you to explore your options. Our team will explore a variety of avenues to help you find the compensation you need to recover. 

Compensation for Amazon 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

Commercial vehicles must meet very high standards when it comes to driver safety, vehicle safety, and work hour limitations. Violations of these standards entitle truck accident victims to compensation in addition to medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) drafts the rules for commercial trucking across the United States. These rules regulate truck safety, driver health, drug and alcohol testing, and hours of service. When drivers or logistics companies violate these rules, there are extra penalties available called “exemplary” or “punitive” damages when these violations connect to an accident. 

This amounts to higher compensation for injuries sustained in Amazon truck accidents. Moreover, drivers, delivery companies, and potentially even Amazon may be held liable. This compensation covers medical bills, reimburses you for missed paychecks, and pays you for the emotional anguish you experience. 

Additionally, the wrongful death of a loved one may entitle you to substantial compensation for your loss. If you accept an immediate settlement from Amazon or an insurance company, it may not cover all of your needs. Oftentimes, insurance companies and shipping companies strive to avoid large payments. 

Knowing the value of your case is difficult without a truck accident attorney, and the offers they make are often too low to cover your needs. If you were in an accident with a commercial truck or Amazon van, you need help.

With our Houston Amazon truck accident lawyers on your side, you have an advocate working to pursue the compensation you deserve. Moreover, you have someone to help you fight for your future. 

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