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June 24, 2021

Insight on USAA Accident Claims Against Their Policyholders

USAA accident claims are tricky when you don’t know their tactics. Trust in a Houston auto accident attorney to maximize your settlement. 


Are you a recent victim involved in an auto accident and the policyholder’s insurer is USAA or United Services Automobile Associate? If you never heard of the insurance company before your accident, it is one of the largest auto insurers in the world. Average American civilians may not know of USAA because the insurance provider serves soldiers, veterans, and qualified family members, nationally and internationally.


One of the first things you want to do is file a claim, but unsure how to file USAA claims. If you received injuries, seek medical attention immediately and advice from a personal injury attorney. Call a reputable law firm with a track record of settling accident claims with high settlement offers.


AP Law Group Firm has lengthy experience and history winning personal injury claims for their clients. Our lawyers are advocates for fairness and justice when representing you and going against large insurance companies.

We represent you with integrity and work on a contingency fee basic. It means you don’t have to pay upfront legal fees to us until USAA settles your claim.

We offer free consultations and case evaluations to the injured. AP Law Group is a Houston-based personal injury firm, helping Texans get what they deserve for their injuries, pain/suffering, and lost wages.

We protect our clients from the schemes of insurance adjusters’ fast settlements of USAA accident claims. What we are doing is revealing the unknown to injured drivers and passengers involved in an accident with an at-fault USAA driver.


Should You Accept USAA First Offer?


No, you should never accept the first offer of an insurance company. Avoid speaking with an insurance adjuster at USAA about your claim, before contacting a lawyer. We strongly advise against speaking with adjusters to our clients because most claim offers are to benefit the insurer.

Let us speak on your behalf with all the facts and evidence involving the accident. You want to avoid speaking to a USAA adjuster and saying things that could be used against you. When adjusters call, simply direct their inquiries to your attorney.


Two Reasons You Should Let a Lawyer Speak with USAA Adjusters


1. Adjusters Use of Pressured Phone Call Tactics


Insurance adjusters use pressuring phone calls to persuade quick settlements of USAA claims. It is one tactic they use to get you to settle their way, which does not include your best interest. You will need an attorney who legally knows the law to receive those phone calls.


2. Insurance Adjusters May Secretly Record Your Conversation Without Permission


By law, insurance adjusters can record conversations with insurance claimants involving minor to fatal accidents only by permission. You can jeopardize winning a settlement and have your claim denied altogether.

AP Law Group has seen this happen to injured victims after they spoke with insurance adjusters. What the victims said was taken out of context resulting in a denial of their USAA accident claims.


How USAA Justifies Lowball Settlement Offers


Keep in thought that USAA is not your friend or an advocate for your cause. Their objective is to offer a lowball settlement to protect their bottom line. Large insurers use various methods resulting in unjust low offers for USAA claims.


Here is how insurance companies operate to maximize their profits:


  • Using computerized estimate software to compare USAA accident claims with other similar claims to determine monetary settlements. The estimate is not accurate and usually results in unfair denials and lowball offers.
  • Manipulating the injured into taking the bait of accepting low settlement offers.
  • Using low settlement claims to pay you and prevent you from suing them for more money. When accepting a settlement claim on your own, it actually means you are signing over your rights to claim more money for the same injury or accident. It is a release agreement found in most car accident settlement claims.


Why You Need a Lawyer?


  • To ensure you receive the most money possible for your medical bills, time lost from work, and other expenses caused by a motor vehicle collision.
  • For fair treatment and the best settlement offer.
  • To oversee your case and have someone on your side for emotional, legal support.
  • To make sure you receive proper medical treatment and to monitor your recovery.


When to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Statute of limitations control the time frame to file a personal injury claim against insurance companies and the person who caused the accident. A statue of limitation details how much time the injured have to file a lawsuit.

Therefore, a lawyer is helpful because the last thing you want to happen is to let the statues of limitations pass. Call us soon after a car wreck and we can file your claim with no upfront legal fees.

Even if victims are receiving medical treatment for their injuries, we can file USAA accident claims. AP Law Group will initiate the case while you are in the hospital or recovering from your injuries.

The filing deadlines depend on the state your accident occurred in and the type of personal injury claim. It is very important to process your USAA claim as soon as possible to avoid missing deadlines and statutes of limitations.


Contact Our Houston Car Accident Lawyers Today


AP Law Group has the legal expertise to help victims with litigation and acceptance of USAA claims. We assist our clients in negotiating settlements, and to mediate on their behalf between USAA and their lawyers.


Information You Need Before Contacting Us


After the crash, collect the following information from the driver at fault of the accident:


  • Driver’s license info including the name, address, and number.
  • Vehicle license plate.
  • Physical address, if different from driver’s license.

If you took pictures of the accident scene and of your injuries, include them with your information and bring to the consultation. Make note of the location where the accident happened and bring written statements from witnesses with their contact information. It is helpful to get a copy of the police report if an officer arrived at the accident scene.


Call us today to schedule an appointment with AP Law Group for a free case evaluation or consultation. We are there every step of the way, from filing USAA accident claims to winning your case.

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