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June 24, 2021

Speeding Collisions

The biggest nightmare any family can face is the fallout from a speeding collision. Our law firm provides expert representation for the injured parties in car accidents. Speeding collisions can result in horrific injuries, handicaps, or even death. No matter how safe your automobile may be in crash tests and in perfect laboratory conditions, there is no manner of calculating every scenario. Many of the car accidents today are between mismatched vehicles of different mass and size. In these cases, the accidents are explosive to passenger cars, no matter how safe they may be for their class.

There is no substitute for following traffic laws to the letter and adhering to safe driving habits. When you are driving a small vehicle on the road, the best defensive driving strategy is to avoid other drivers and stay alert. When you follow these two simple principles, you greatly reduce the odds of becoming an accident victim. Most drivers get in the habit of tailgating other drivers to avoid speed traps. There is wisdom in using this strategy because police target the stray ducks even when a group of vehicles speeds by much faster. It is much easier for police to convince you that you are guilty when they isolate you as the speeder.

Speed clubs are popular for groups of drivers who are on long straightaways and trying to get to popular destinations. The potential problem involved in this driving method is the gridlock that driving in close groups often presents. When you have a large truck on the side of you and are driving in a tight formation, there is very little room to maneuver out of the danger zone. Once all the options are taken off the table, you may be left in a very uncomfortable situation that can turn deadly. Gridlock makes it nearly impossible to practice defensive driving maneuvers when aversion is needed.

Speeding collisions have twice the risk of any other type of accident. This is because the speed of the two vehicles is combined in often deadly volumes. A car driving 50 mph that directly impacts a vehicle that is also driving 50 mph from the opposite direction reaches a combined speed of 100 mph to 0 instantly. It is difficult to survive at these speeds no matter how many airbags you have. Cars today are meant to self-destruct when they get into even the tiniest fender bender. The cars are built with what are called crumple zones to absorb the impact much like an aluminum can being crushed to protect the passengers inside from receiving lethal shockwaves of pressure.

Preparing Your Case

If you are injured by a vehicle that was speeding, the laws are on your side. The traffic laws often act as standards of negligence in civil suits. The standard of care for operating a motor vehicle has already been defined by law in these cases and is not open to much debate. When you exceed the maximum speed limit, the forensics may demonstrate the rate of speed. An accident reconstruction specialist can assist in proving that the defendant was driving unsafely by the impact and extent of the damage. This is why it is very important to speak with an attorney as soon as possible to prevent spoilage of evidence.

Spoilage of evidence occurs when artifacts of the crash are no longer available. It is in the best interests of any injured party to have friends photograph the accident scene as soon as possible. Even if you feel fine after the accident, the effects of whiplash may prove to be debilitating within 24 hours or later. The initial shock of an automotive accident will pump the body up with adrenaline to minimize the effect of injuries. Mothers have lifted two-ton automobiles single-handedly to rescue children trapped under vehicles when amped-up on adrenaline.

Whiplash occurs when there is a rapid back and forth movement of the head. People may suffer subtle brain damage from the shock force of their brains crashing against the inside of their skulls. They may forcefully tear and traumatize the delicate tissue in the spine, neck, and back. More people are sustaining insidious neurological problems due to the advances in automotive safety. These injuries may nonetheless affect the quality of life and lead to long-term pain and suffering. Most whiplash symptoms abate in a matter of weeks but can last for months or even years.

Common and Less Common Whiplash Symptoms:

  • Memory and Concentration Problems
  • Pain and Stiffness in Neck and Back
  • Basal Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Limited Range of Neck Motion
  • Pins and Needles Sensation in Arms
  • Irritability
  • Tinnitus
  • Depression
  • Blurry Vision

What Type of Compensation is Available?

Our law firm will fight for your right to maximum compensation. You are eligible to receive full compensation for all past, present, and future medical expenses. Our medical experts provide a reliable report to estimate future damages. In addition, your case may be eligible for damages from pain and suffering, property loss, loss of consortium, wrongful death, disability, lost wages, and quality of life issues. Only an experienced law firm knows what it takes to force a settlement or obtain maximum jury compensation in car accident cases. Trust us to put together the weighty evidence you need to spell out your right to compensation.

For claims related to loss of consortium, it is actually the family or spouse of the victim that is able to succeed in these claims. The claims are filed separately to seek compensation for the loss of household income, social benefits, and intimacy. These are damages that are collateral to the “pain and suffering” and quality of life issues affecting the victim. Quality of life issues can involve anything short of a disability that diminishes athleticism or deprives a victim of the joy of living. The relationships of a victim may be strained after an accident if they can no longer bear their burden in the family circus.

Comparative Negligence and Contributory Negligence

These are the key defenses that the defendants will use to subvert even the strongest claims. There is always a manner of subjectively arguing that the victim could have slammed on the brakes harder or paid closer attention to prevent the full extent of damages. If there is a brightline traffic law that was broken by the victim leading up to the accident, then they may be found to be equally at fault for contributing to their own injury. Yes, perhaps if the defendant wore sunglasses he would have seen that a vehicle was approaching before turning into traffic. However, the defendant may arguably claim that the victim was speeding and that he came up from nowhere as he was slowly making the turn in a residential area.

It is easy to use traffic laws to create brightline rules for contributory negligence on both parties. In a case that is not so clear, a jury may find that the plaintiff was ten or twenty percent liable for failing to drive defensively. That is, if you see that a car is coming towards you aggressively, you can’t just sit there and risk it happening even if you have the right of way. There are many facets of the law and loopholes that require the strong litigation skills of a premier car accident attorney. Please, contact us today to receive private consultation on your accident case.

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