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June 10, 2021

Common Causes of Car Accidents in Texas.


Listen – we are going to go over the most common causes of car accidents. Texas is the second largest state behind Alaska. And it’s the second most populous state behind California. Sadly, however, Texas is number one in traffic deaths. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 3,610 people died in 2019 in motor vehicle collisions, and 12,897 were seriously injured. In fact, according to those 2019 statistics, not a single day went by that year where someone was not killed on a Texas roadway.


If you’ve been the victim in a serious car accident in Texas, it is vitally important to understand the cause of the accident and who is responsible. Why? Texas is a no-fault state, which means if you want to collect damages, you, or the car accident lawyers you’ve hired to represent you, need to prove the at-fault driver is legally responsible for the accident.


What Causes Car Accidents?


There are many reasons why people get in auto accidents. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, the seven most common causes of Texas auto accidents include:


Distracted Driving/Driver Inattention


Cell phones and even hands-free devices are wonderful tools, but they should never hold a person’s attention when they are driving. Texting and talking on the phone are two of the most common causes of distracted driving which can lead to motor vehicle collisions. Talking with other passengers in the car, eating, reading, and applying makeup are also common causes of distracted driving. It’s always best to make your calls, eat your meal, and finish your grooming before you even turn the key in your ignition.


Common Causes Of Car Accidents: Speeding


Speeding isn’t just exceeding the posted speed limit. It can also be driving at an unsafe speed for the road conditions. In a study of fatalities and serious injury crashes in Texas from 2010 to 2016, speeding was found to be a contributing factor for 22 percent of all fatal motor vehicle collisions and 13 percent of all serious injury crashes. Not surprisingly, the severity of injuries increases along with increases in speed.


Failure to Control Speed


This is different than speeding in that Texas law requires drivers reasonably adjust their speed when they encounter hazards such as inclement weather, poor visibility, another vehicle entering the roadway, crews doing roadwork, or pedestrians.


Failure to Stay in a Single Lane


There are any number of reasons why a driver may fail to stay in their chosen lane. Fatigue, inattention, and boredom can result in a car wandering out of its lane. Sometimes a person who’s had too much to drink but who may not feel they are inebriated may get behind the wheel and then have trouble staying between the lines. Whatever the cause for their carelessness, these actions can cause auto accidents that result in serious harm to others on the road.


Failure to Yield


Texas law requires drivers approaching intersections to yield to traffic that would pose an immediate threat. For example, if the light has turned green for a driver at an intersection, they must first yield to any vehicles still in the intersection at the time of the light change.


Following Too Closely


Statistically, it takes a driver 1.5 seconds to see, understand, and apply their brakes or otherwise react to traffic ahead of them that is stopping. This means that a car moving at 50mph will continue to travel another 229 feet before stopping. A car moving at 70mph will travel another 387 feet. Drivers who don’t allow sufficient space between themselves and the car ahead of them risk causing a rear-end collision.


Unsafe Lane Changes


Unsafe lane changes is a very common cause of auto accidents. Drivers should always use their signal light when changing lanes and they should always make sure they have sufficient room to make their move without endangering drivers beside or behind them.


What To Do After Auto Accidents


If you’ve been injured in a car accident, the most important thing to do is to go to the hospital or check in with your primary care doctor as soon as possible. Insurance companies and car accident lawyers can wait. Even if you don’t think you were injured, it’s best to get checked out. Sometimes the pain of an injury does not manifest itself until days later.


Only then should you call the car accident lawyers at AP Law Group. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to make low-ball offers to settle and to try to take advantage of victims who are unfamiliar with the process. Our qualified and experienced Houston attorneys will deal directly with the insurance company so you don’t have to. The car accident lawyers at AP Law Group know their tactics and can’t be fooled. We look ahead and won’t let you sign anything until we get an offer that fully compensates you for your losses now and those you could incur in the future as a result of the accident.


And if they won’t play ball? We’ll take them to court.


Car Accident Attorneys Who Fight for Injured Texans


A car accident can be devastating for individuals as well as for their families. Not only may there be physical injuries and rehabilitation to deal with, there may also be serious emotional scars. Family members who counted on the support of the victim may suffer losses of their own. The victim may have lost significant time from work. Meanwhile, the bills keep rolling in.


The car accident lawyers at AP Law Group know this all too well. They understand the toll an accident can take on those involved, and they see their role as not just representing their clients to get the full compensation they deserve, but also to take the weight of dealing with the insurance companies off their already burdened shoulders.


Our car accident lawyers have a strong understanding of personal injury law, and all the common causes of car accidents. We also have a history of standing up for injured Texans whose voices may not often be heard. When you hire the car accident lawyers at AP Law Group, you won’t pay a dime until we win. And we’ll fight for you and keep you informed every step of the way.


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